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Improvised Leather Backpack + Mountain Backpack = invisible & endless bagspace.
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A easy exploit for bagspace in this game is to use a hunting bag and stack different coloured mountain backpacks, each giving you an extra 10 slots a stack.

The more overpowered version is doing the same thing but with a Improvised Leather Backpack which is the smallest profile backpack (besides the smersh) in the game.

I was running around with 100 slots at one point... you are basically a human tent.
Not sure if this is working as intended but at the moment it feels like a cheat.



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Look @ above

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Voted down.
Until they actually make a sensible, real-to-life inventory system, I am all for ANY exploits that expand inventory space.

Real to life inventory? So in real life you can carry 50 pounds of animal meat ontop of a guns and ammo store worth of clips not to mention food, utilities, first aid etc etc etc.

Let me agree to disagree.
Furthermore you cite no problems with the current system just that it isn't


Yea, your opinion is worth as much time / effort you put into it, complete lack of supporting facts does that.

first of all, devs are aware of this issue in general, i don't know if they know about this specific issue. which needs, imo, to be fixed soon (enlarge the space the impovised backpack takes)

then about burtons point: i realy think the inventory system needs to be reworked, to an more arma 3 like system, where items don't take slots, but space.
the way arma 2 ace was handling the things was, imo, even better, because they even took weight into it (pack your backpack full with ammo, but don't expect to get far without collapsing)
for myself, i will fill my reserve clothing with items, even if that might not be intended like that, but hardcore exploiting is not what i like to do

hector: i don't realy know if it's 100% allowed, to stack items like that, but i am quite sure you wont recieve any punishment if you do so.
as long as you don't exploit bugs that allow you duplicating items or use programs/scripts (hacks) that allow you to influence the game, in ways your unmodified client is not able to do, i think you won't be in trouble
(once again, this is what I think it is, that does not mean it can't be different)

known about this 'feature' or bug for a while now and where you might be able to carry a lot more than should be possible it dosent really have that many + points to it, sure you could carry a few extra mags about but the games current state you could drop the bag and it vanishes, along with every other bag, you cant look inside any bags that you are carrying so unless they are attached to your toolbar (which they disappear when you remove the bags from your inventory)
you cant use the items and as a final point, have you ever tried using 10 backpacks, unloading and restacking them while under the constant threat of server resets? in all imo not one of those "major to fix asap" things atm

the only + points ive seen in this is the ability to hide a backpack inside a hunting pack for camo

@Captain Hector: in real life, mission critical items like matches, knives, do not take up as much or even twice as much inventory space as beans.

If you pack your bag sensible enough (nobody would ever take more than three cans of beans on the trail), then weight is not as critical as volume in any case, and yes, if you've been hunting, you will in fact carry 50 pounds of animal meat in a large container.

If you talk about facts, how about this for a fact:
I've done the experiment to see how much fits in a child briefcase. And in my experiment, the contents corresponded to a DayZ mountain backpack.

Obviously, I didn't pack the back with soda-cans, but a mix of different items you would carry on the trail, including a spare pistol and AK-magazines. Fact is, even an AK mag doesn't take up more volume than a can of beans since it is flat, but long.

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It would just be stupid to stack too many bags in one, because everytime you want to pick up something you have to put your bags on the ground, and it might disappear for whatever reason.