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when a server crashes and you login to fast after it comes up or after a no response message your inventory is wiped
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When a server crashes, restarts, when ever you get a no response timer if you log out and log back in to the same server with out waiting you lose everything in your inventory and re spawn fresh. This has happened to me and my friends more than 4 times


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server crashes or no response timer comes up
log out
log back in to the same server right away and you will re spawn with noting

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It may not be with restarts but i certainly happens when the server crashes or there is a time out with you and the server is still up

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I just had this happen to me to. Lost connection due to server restart. Joined the server as soon as i saw it was up again.. Character wiped...

Just happened again. Starting to think it can happen with any type of dsync. I got the time out message left the game and the server was still in the list with people in it but I logged in with noting again. Is there a way to back up player data in the event this happens again?

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when you spawn as a "fresh spawn" without dying, quit the game as soon you see the: "ready 123" then either wait untill your server is online since at least couple minutes or join another that seems online for a while.

If you dont let enough time for your fresh spawn to save you should not lose your old character unless it did die while you logged off, wich we cant know obviously.

This bug seems to happen a lot when you join a server that has restarted in the last 3-4 minutes.

A lot of times the screen is black until it's done loading and to late. some times the ready123 happens right away. There has to be a better solution than not logging into a server 5 minutes after it restarts or crashes.

""ready 123" then either wait untill your server is online since at least couple minutes or join another that seems online for a while"

You should not be able to log in to a server that is offline . It sounds like dayz server needs to be updated to not show in the list until the server is completely loaded.

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Hello survivors,
this is a known issue and a result of connecting shortly after a server restart.
Please wait a couple minutes before reconnecting to a freshly restarted server - for now that is all that can be done.
We are however working on an eventual fix of this problem.
Thanks for understanding,

Had the same after waiting. Server restarted so I logged out but did NOT log back in instantly. Instead I relogged some time later. Still my whole inventory got wiped but health/energy/hydration stayed the same.

Maybe I logged back in after the next restart...

Lost a character yesterday due to this bug. Was on 0.49.

I rejoined too quickly, clearly.

andy would auto locking the server for the time of the starting sequence be a way to prevent this? im not sure if servers can be locked that early.. if its possible why don't you use this as a workaround?

This is very easily repeatable. Considering servers restart all the damn time... this is occurring constantly. Moreover, it is probably generating bug reports and frustrated users faster than hell.

Fix this stupid race condition. It can't be that hard to make it so players can't join or load until the hive server connection is verified.

I agree with it being repeatable. It took me 3 lost characters before I figured it out though. Since then I've been able to get it to delete my character this way reliably every time I try.