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Gorka clothes no longer keep you warm
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Fully geared in gorka uniform. Gorka E Military jacket and Gorka Summer camo pants. They are worn condition. Both hardcore and 3rd person servers. Not wet. In sunlight. Getting spammed with "you are promptly cooling off. you are cooling off. you are promptly cooling off. you are cooling off." Changed to a backup jacket of the same type in my bag and it still kept spamming me until it said "you are cold". I logged out. If its giving me "cold" status that leads to hypothermia and eventually death. Clearly the clothes are bugged due to a recent change to allow them to get wet.


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Wear gorka clothes

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Same here. I have added a picture as reference.

No clothes are wet. Daytime server.

After this screenshot I tried taking off all my clothes and putting them on again. No change.

It started to be this way with today's hotfix. I went from healthy to "COLD" (yellow) within less than fifteen minutes. Considering what soldiers went through at the Battle of the Bulge, this is quite humorous, if at all intended to be this way.

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Same issue here.
I have not tried new clothes, but I am not going to chance the time it will take to find them.
BROKEN after update..

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I can confirm this happens. I lit a fire with a friend, warmed up and then went off running. Less than 2 minutes later I was promptly cooling off and cold.

It's not just the Gorka, I can confirm that Fire Fighter coat does not keep you warm either.

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I had the same issue with winter hunter pants and other worn dry clothes. Calm and sunny while I'm Hydrated and Energized. Died within 10 minutes of starting to get cold. Tried picking up new clothes and that didn't help either.

ive had this issue too but it seems more that it was spamming that I was cooling off more than actually making me cold I went 50 minutes of promptly cooling off and cooling off and didn't hit the cold stage once while wearing gloves, cargo pants, raincoat, combat boots and a puppy dog's ears hat

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This appears to be a global issue and not limited to Gorka clothes or any other items in particular. The issue affects all characters and is independent of any environmental factors. My healthy and geared character from the day preceding the hotfix is now rapidly cooling down and entered a cold status within minutes of logging into a daytime server with no rain, despite running around or standing in the sun or indoors.

I had a Gorka jacket on, Green cargo pants, gloves, boots, ski mask, hat and sunglasses and I was getting spammed with I am cooling off but after playing for about 4 hours I never got hypothermic. Getting cold means you need more layers. Manage your character better. I have NO issues.

Lucky you not having this issue. Doesn't mean the rest of us aren't.
Surely one of my items either my puffer jacket or riders jacket would of kept me warm. I never had this problem until last nights changes. Previously managing a player well would keep me warm. Especially when it is perfectly sunny and a player is fully kitted out. However now no matter what I just end up dying of hypothermia.This screenshot was after about 30 minutes.

I uploaded a video of this.

From nominal to "cold" within roughly three minutes. Middle of the day, relatively clear weather, no warm breath visible in front of my face, pristine full gear Gorka.

I don't encounter this on all servers, however. So when you get on a server where you get this issue, leave immediately and join a different one.

EDIT: Please tell me how I am supposed to add "more layers" to my gear. If you have nothing sensible to say, how about you just not add your five cents? Thank you very much.

Whilst wearing a Wool Coat and hunter pants, accompanied by gloves, military boots, High-Cap and a Beret, I did not get this issue. Only when I swapped to a Gorka jacket did my character get messages that I was cooling off.... then warming up 2 seconds later, then cooling off again.... then warming up.... *Continuous Message spam*

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Same issue here.

confirmed .Same here.

The temp model is like we are playing on the moon!

no atmosphere = no heat

The issue is not just Gorka clothing, but rather the server hosts. Vilayer servers are not affected by this issue.

A more precise feedback report can be found here -

dreagon948 thanks for nothing

We are in fact talking about stable 0.49.

Experimental 0.50 is not even up yet -.-

Correct. I was mistaken. With yesterday's hotfix/update I assumed they bumped up the version.

And you're welcome.

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I had a funny feeling my boots had something to do with it. I tried to swap out all clothing while running around. One piece at a time. Nothing would stop the cooling off message. I ran to Green Mountain where i was sure a pair of boots would be. I was in luck. Here is what I did:
-took off my old military black boots
-put on new military brown boots
-checked temp = 35.7
-swapped back to my old black boots which were on the floor
-put brown boots in pants in case i needed to test again on a different server
-you are slowly warming up(and all cooling off messages stopped)
-waited 5 minutes and checked temp = 36
-swapped servers to a new server
-you are cooling off again.
-put brown boots on floor
-took off black boots
-put on brown boots
-you are cooling off again. ?????????????????????????? is it the boots that are bugged?

Will test this and report back.

We need someone to find a normal pair of boots. I'm using military. Perhaps even regular sneakers or Jungle boots. Do the same test and see if it sticks.

I confirm that this seems to be dependent on the server GSP

Try servers from Vilayer and you shouldn't get this issue.

Thanks dreagon948 for that info and sorry for being a jerk earlier. I've been feed useless information by a bunch of skeptics that have been calling me a noob all day and I've just had it up to here!

Thanks again!

I've been on Vilayer servers that work and Vilayer servers that don't work. Playing a server that is 0/40 players does not make me happy sir. There are NO first person Vilayer servers either. This is not a fix. This is what we call a work around. Fixes win where work arounds fail. We shouldn't have to work around their screw up.

I didn't say it was a fix but I thought it was a step towards finding the root cause of the issue. Sir! ;o)

I hear ya. I think i'm a step closer to finding the root cause for us but i need to get to work and can't do more extensive testing on the feet issue. I'm super happy that DayZ team is ignoring this issue just waiting for us to freeze to death while we troubleshoot and risk our hours of playing doing so. C'est la vie.

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and TTsKO Clothes keeps you also not worm...

nerobp no amount of clothing is going to keep you warm if your footwear is bugged. i believe its FOOTWEAR. we need footwear tests. i think its bugged to the point that even if you find a pair to fix it as soon as you join a server its bugged again.

we need to find a piece of footwear that registers on server join as being existent. once we have this we have a fix for everything.

I have a few first person Vilayer servers favorited. Alpha BRO is a good one with 18 on currently.

I tested the shoe/boot theory and got sketchy results. I didn't know it at first but my boots (jungle boots) were somehow damaged. I swapped them out for pristine dress shoes since that's all I could find and I warmed up. Then got started getting cold again. Swapped and remained cold. Found some worn military boots and started getting warm -> cold -> warm -> cold spam for a bit then just cold repeatedly.

This was on a non-Vilayer server. So it seemed like it would work for a second, but then go right back to being cold for no reason.

Also, np Colonel. It's all good. Glad to help.

Does everyone realize that you ACTUALLY DO CREATE BODY HEAT!?!?!?!

Get cold then run straight into the side of a building for 10 minutes. You will see your temperature rise. You do need to be clothed in at least a wool jacket in order for your body heat production to over balance your heat loss so that you have a net gain. A hoodie is not good enough.

If you don't want to run into a wall for 10 minutes, go for a long run. You will see the same results.

It is my experience that the only clothing that is good enough to rely exclusively on the clothing is the Gorka gear. This means that there is now only about 3 different articles of clothing that anyone even wants to wear. Tshirts and checked shirts are now as useful as a rotten kiwi. I also believe that those articles of clothing that do not keep you alive should be treated like the rotten kiwi and be completely removed from the game.

Itchypants, please read what we've already said.

Also, running in DayZ doesn't generate heat.

Went back and tried rain coat wool coat and other variences with every article of clothing I could fine (Hat, Gloves, face mask, Jacket, Pants and boots) and I never got hypothermia also launched in several different servers to see if it was an issue on just the server but couldnt get hypothermia. This is not what you guys want to hear but once Hypothermia sets in there is nothing you can do. If you are cold and than put on layers it may not be enought to bring temp back up to normal and the constant state of being cold may very well lead to hypothermia than death. Get clothing as fast a possible and if needed start a fire and warm up a bit. My and my buddy had to stop 4 times to warm up before we got fully clothed.

I'm currently fully clothed and dry and can do nothing to stop myself cooling off. I have gone from being fine to freezing while fully clothed and dry as I showed in the screenshot earlier. I can't see my breath so it surely isn't too cold. It appears sunny and no matter what I end up hypothermic and dead.


Just watched your video have you tried wearing a beenie hat isntead of a helmut? I know this is an issue with somepeople but every one I talked to kept saying they werent wearing gloves or a hat and was getting annoyed which is why i said layers but adfter seeing what you were wearing it seems you should have been fine... but, I will be trying different variations of clothing (not just different jackets or boots).

I will let you know if I find anything like a beenie hat is better than ball cap.

!!!!!!!!!!!Figured it out!!!!!! (For me at least)
Just been playing around. I have found that swapping to some different boots fixed the problem for me. I went from freezing to just cold within 5 seconds when I swapped from pristine hiking boots to pristine working Boots.

That looks like a new character. The problem is an inability to get warm and stay warm on servers other than Vilayer hosted servers with characters made prior to yesterday's server stability hotfix.

maschas added a subscriber: maschas.May 8 2016, 8:05 PM

I've noticed with my current character that the temperature changes seem somewhat random. In the course of about 10 minutes, the light brown "cold" status appeared and disappeared several times. I tried to narrow down the cause, but going inside a building didn't seem to help. I couldn't build a fire, so I ended up logging off to avoid death. I did notice that the cold status seemed to disappear more when I was moving, but even that wasn't consistent. I did try swapping boots, but to no effect.

With my pre patch character I became hypothermic and died not long after putting on new boots at the NW airfield. So did the other person I was playing with. My new character had the same issue until I swapped boots.

Your avatar will actually produce body heat if you run for prolonged intervals. Try it out. Take a thermometer so you can know the results. I see maschas was beginning to notice it. The report there states "I did notice that the cold status seemed to disappear more when I was moving..." It was not consistent. Likely because he ran and stopped and ran and stopped.

This thing about different servers seems like voodoo.

Boots might help, of course. But I don't see that being the holy grail.

Revelation: BODY HEAT!
Whacky but true!

oh ya.
@dreagon948 read what I have been saying: In DayZ you produce body heat to help offset the hypothermia issue!

Before you decide to type back in a thread troll rage, do this:

  1. Get thermometer
  2. Get cold
  3. Take Temperature
  4. Run into a wall for five minutes
  5. Check your temperature again

You will be very surprised.

Troll rage? I have no need to.

Here ya go, buddy.


Facts speak for themselves, buddy. No need to get an attitude.

Yeah, I don't think the effect I observed had anything to do with movement and heat. I think there's something bugged about the temperature status, and movement generated changes in my surroundings sufficient to trigger the problem. I was getting spammed with messages, and the cold indicator would appear and disappear rapidly as I moved around.

Your video is not what this issue reported here is about. You are seemingly wearing some ruined or badly damaged clothes in the video and getting a "slowly cooling down" message

What we here are talking about is wearing fully pristine gorka everything, vest, face-mask and even boots and we get the "promptly cooling down" message in all servers except Vilayer servers.

At least I don't get this crap in Vilayer servers (not a single one till now and I've tested a dozen)

Currently wearing full autumn gorka set. it did happen.

-Ran to cherno
-Dropped all gear
-Killed myself
-Ran back to gear and geared up fully
-you are cooling off. you are promptly cooling off.

There is NO fix for this currently. It has nothing to do with geared characters coming over to the new patch. Play on Vilayer servers or don't play at all at this point is the only option.

I also love how noone officially responded to this issue or even took control of this ticket. Way to blow those millions up your noses.

I wonder if some sort of movement-related heat mechanic was added in the hotfix. I was testing earlier today and when I moved, the cold status went away. When I stopped moving, it immediately returned. I also noticed that my hydration and nutrition stats were decreasing at a faster rate than normal.


Second that. I really want the devs to react to this. ASAP

This is a game-breaker

@machas if you read the status report they did add movement heat mechanic. None of that has to do with this, what seems to be, sever related bug. Fact is Vilayer is working as intended and every other server host is broken with temperature. Maybe the dev team are boycotting all other server hosts. Vilayer ftw.

@kerayz This is happening to everyone, they have definitely noted your issue kerayz. I wouldn't acknowledge you either though since you're being an open ass hat. You've made your report, you can't fix it, they can. So how about just shut up and let the devs work on this ALPHA instead of insulting them and making a prick of yourself?

Same problem here. Even with TTsKO or heavy winter clothing...

@ draegon948

You did it. You thread-trolled! :D You didn't use a thermometer before typing back to me. :P

I don't have a sexy british accent and I have not editted any videos together, however, I have run around and taken my temperature a hundred times over about 2 hours. I was paying careful attention to my activities to body temperature correlation. What I found was that my body temperature actually rose after running. And I am not referring to using a white status message as my guide. I was using the thermometer to actually MEASURE. I came to the only conclusion that I could: You create body heat in DayZ. Maschas has begun to figure it out.

This revelation is not any fix for anything, as the temperature in Chenarus is currently set to minus frikkin 50! But this knowledge can really help. When you start to get cold, run. It will save your life.

Did you read this week's status report? They are just NOW working on making movement affect body temperature. It should be in the NEXT update. It's not in NOW.

Please go read that. Or you can continue thinking you know more than the devs.

EDIT: There is a real problem with temps on certain servers, and you're not contributing anything to the discussion.

it's in now.
use a thermometer,
see for yourself.

I don't know why the dev reports say anything different, as using a thermometer clearly will show you that body heat is implemented now.

I think the problem is a two part issue.

  1. The climate temperature is set waaay too low (it feels like playing on the moon)
  2. People don't believe that body heat is implemented so they are not behaving in ways to best make use of body heat. We are probably spending too much time shuffling about and not really doing anything. Moving from house to house, sniping, etc.

I have not experienced issues on all servers either. Until I started to measure my temperature. Then I started to realize that is was all servers and the thing was to keep moving to keep heat up. Clothing matters also. I see the thread started with the Gorka jacket, which should be good enough in all conditions. Honestly, the original poster has probably realized since that they had ruined boots or pants or a wet item or something else on. maybe not. Maybe it's a server thing. Which would be weird, but possible. More likely, however, it is like food/water/health. In it's first few weeks, no one knew how to manage it and threads just like this one were everywhere. Soon enough, everyone learned how to manage it and all the threads dried up.

Currently, as Mr. draegon has made clear, no one realizes that body heat is currently a factor. I do think they devs have the ambient temps all dialed down to run some amount of an experiment. Or the 'heat comfort quantifier' on clothing is too low. Or body heat quantifier is too low. One of the three (as it is a balance of those things that will make gameplay intuitive in the end). Couple that with a population who generally does not understand that there IS a counter involved (body heat) and you get many posts about ghost bugs.

I came to add that there IS body heat. NOW. That may help people run better experiments.

I know that body heat DOES EXIST NOW because I ran experiments. I took measurements with a measuring tool. I did not rely on the internet to tell the truth.

I have to keep posting because I keep being trolled and being told that I am wrong. Before you call me wrong, MEASURE FOR YOURSELF AND KNOW!

Unfortunately, that body heat mechanic with this terrible cold will lead to the game becoming, not only "The Running Simulator" but "The Running On The Spot Into Walls to Build Heat Simulator".

That is a list of things they've worked on this week that are not yet implemented.

And it's Dreagon.

Body Heat is implemented.

Ok, you're absolutely right. It is in. Somehow the devs implemented it without knowing, and they still claim it's not in and being worked on.

You are so correct. Sorry I ever doubted you.

Now. When we are experimenting with heat, remember the body heat factor. It will change the outcome of your calculations...

That is all.

I don't need an apology. I just wanted to contribute to the collective braintrust. Thank you for measuring.

And. Still. The Gorka jacket SHOULD be sufficient in every server all the time. It seems that it is not?

Your sarcasm detection is a bit off.

Again, "body heat", as you like to put it, is of course in. That's why we have hyper/hypothermia now. However, running to increase body temperature is not. It's being worked on internally but is not yet released.

I'm done.

Could this have something to do with Fahrenheit and Celsius?

I mean what if the devs programmed the game to be in Fahrenheit and a lot of European hosts obviously think in Celsius. That would explain why we are way below sub-zero Celsius.

Doesn't explain why this doesn't effect Vilayer servers apparently. Also doesn't explain why I froze half to death on my video despite not seeing my breath..

(also: I just wanted to bump this issue ^^)

A new development: I verified my local cache files, and the "cold" status went away. However, the cooling messages remained. I also finally found a thermometer, and I appear to be happily running around at 35C with no cold status and no ill effects.

Just to get back on this issue still suffering spams of cold messages but the only time ive actually ever gone freezing is while on the coast any location inland has not effected me the same way, this the devs way of saying GTFO of the spawn zones?

Dreagon, I am sorry that you don't believe me. Use a thermometer and see for yourself.

The measurements are all in CELSIUS. Clearly. There is only one country left who needs Fahrenheit. And this is not an American game.

37 is BODY TEMPERATURE. 35 and under should indicate hypothermia in the real world. It seems DayZ lets you get to around 34.

Celsius/Fahrenheit have nothing to do with what we're talking about.

I don't need to use a thermometer. My character will go from healthy > cold > freezing in 10-15 mins, wearing a down jacket combined with worn or better of the best gear available in doors on a sunny day on any server other than Vilayer.

I'm glad that you you are happily running in a place in a corner somewhere suffering from no ill effects. However, thousands of others are. Get off of this issue -- you have no idea what you're talking about.


I'd like to see someone officially confirm this issue, please.

For me it seems to be completly random with the temperature issue. Most of the time i play i am cold and freezing but there is no hypothermia problem at all. Even in the rain im not getting to could while getting spammed with lots of different status news like:

  • rapidly cooling of
  • slowly cooling of
  • i am cold
  • i am freezing
  • slowly warming up

even the cold or not cold status seems to be randomly jumping around. from freezing to nothing within seconds, and from nothing to shaking back again only a few seconds later. this happens often, nearly all the time im playing DayZ since the last little patch

If you don't use a thermometer to measure your temperature, you will never learn to manage it. I do believe the overall temp is too low and that the cold is a little unweildy. However, I have learned, difinitively, that movement increases body temperature. That is why it all seems random. You stop for five minutes to loot a house and you start to get cold. Go outside and run to the next building or town and your temp will raise a little. The mathematics seem also to take into account the type of clothing that you are wearing. Gorka military seems the best, but clearly not good enough. Wool Coat seems to be the lowest rating that will allow body heat to keep you alive. A hoodie will not allow enough body heat to remain to keep your temperature from consistently plummeting.

I guess the Vilayer servers are all hosted in the Carribean or something, hey? Somewhere nice and warm! :P

I have played on Vilayer servers also. I do not see a difference server to server. I do believe that there is a problem, however. I believe that either the temperature is too low over all, or that clothing warmth ratings need to be bumped. Currently, there are only about four things that you can wear that will keep you alive. Soon everyone will be wearing the exact same jacket and no one will be able to tell who each other is because we will all look the same.

I will add that sitting next to a fire will bring your body temp back up to 36.7 nearly immediately and that will help alot. Unfortunately, it only takes about 15 minutes to get cold again. So long as you stay active and don't just sit still, AND you are wearing at least a wool coat, you will not become hypothermic. If you want to sit and snipe, you will have a problem, no matter what you are wearing. I wonder if maybe that is the idea? Cut back on snipers?

ichypantz: The behavior we are describing is not a result of "works as intended" cold mechanic. We're discussing a bug wherein you get constantly spammed by temperature message regardless of what you're wearing, and your temperature remains fixed at 35C. Sometimes you get a cold status and sometimes you don't, but the behavior is clearly buggy.

Well whatever the case, this issue is "resolved" for me for now since I've switched to only playing on Vilayer servers. I don't intend on getting hypothermia because of this.

I really do wonder if the developers have taken any note of this, since they are being awefully quiet, although this topic is being heavily discussed on reddit and the forum and also here!

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I just started freezing fully clothed indoors next to a fire I continued to cool off and freeze for 20 minutes while standing practically in the fire. gave up

I will confirm, after more research, what others have already confirmed. Vilayer servers do seem to be warmer. I was FREEZING when I left one server (body temp 35.4) and SLOWLY WARMING when I entered a Vilayer server (body temp 35.6). I did switch back and forth a few times and the non-Vilayer servers seemed to be much colder.

This thread started talking about a jacket. We have narrowed it down to the server; likely a setting. It may not be a glitch, it might just be overall temperature. The spamming is likely because you are in a situation where your clothing to activity ratio is allowing for some cooling and some warming. The spam will need to be calmed down nonetheless.

Over two weeks now and still no reponse from the developers? I'm starting to wonder if the people at BI realise that fewer and fewer people are playing this game. I've never seen experimental servers as empty as they are at the moment.

Don't they notice this or do they just not care?

andy added a comment.Oct 9 2014, 1:30 PM

Everything here gets read and noted.
This ticket however got quite large and filled with issues that should warrant their own report instead of discussing them in the Note section here.
We are most definitely not ignoring the problems here, they just take time to get fixed and balanced properly.
Thank you for patience,

andy added a comment.Oct 9 2014, 1:31 PM

Please use the #17130 ticket for general Hypothermia related discussion.
Thank you,