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[PRIMARY REPORT] Dead bodies block way and cannot be vaulted over
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You can walk over/through most of the dead zombies, but some of the corpses are blocking movement. A corpse can trap you in a building.


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Enter a room, e.g. hotel upper floor
Kill a zombie in the doorway
Try to get out, you can't - can't walk over, can't vault

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The only way to get out is to server hop

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Agreed, also apparent in 0.50 experimental.

Because zombie corpses stick around for some time, they're able to block inside a room for a few minutes, if not for longer(depending on how clean up works).

andy added a comment.Oct 16 2014, 2:54 PM

Thank you, magmatrix.
This has been scheduled for investigation and an eventual tweak.

Agree for the 0.49 stable at least - killed Zombies lying in Doorways could not be stepped over like Fences, as one would do in a RL Apocalypse, but laying on the Ground you could crouch through the Bodies.

Agree - same

sometimes u have to prone and move through dead body. Or jump through with run + prone.

Confirmed. Was blocked in some houses already due to a corpse lying in the doorway. Had to wait until it disappeared.

"Hide body" may be a useful action here.

"Hide body" was removed a long time ago, Johnny. We need it back.

  1. I ment it in a way that it would be useful to be implemented.
  1. At least I still see it on the experimental branch, but it doesn't seem to work.

This can also be exploited by people to block a freshspawn from escaping.

Happened to me yesterday.

One guy blocked me from running away by lying down on the scaffolding in the huge red tin barn. The other guy was following me and came from behind and knocked me out.