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[PRIMARY REPORT] Character cools down/gets hypothermic too quickly
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It was raining, as it always seems to be. However, I was indoors, with two fires, dry clothes [including a wool coat], standing on top of the fires, rolling in them, sprinting against a wall, and was still cooling.


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Muffin added a subscriber: Muffin.May 8 2016, 8:01 PM

Yeah I know that it is totally impossible to stay warm without gorka gear at night and in the rain. But you have to remember this game is taking place in Russia. Its freaking cold man!

Had the same problem. Except I was in full Gorka gear. Inside, next to a fire. Died without being able to do anything about it. I had a thermometer on me and could slowly see my temperature fall to 34 degrees celcius. We were cooking 10 steaks as we noticed it.

Edit: I forgot to mention, some of my clothing items were soaked from me filling a bottle earlier. I replaced the soaked items with spare, dry clothes I was keeping for a buddy. There was a storm outside at the time. Sky was pitch black and it was pouring rain. The building we were in was a two-floored green and white building with the blood-stained piano inside it.

Some factors that make hypothermia unrealistic:

-Fires do not cast heat, Fires do not warm player
-Running does not generate heat
-The only real way to combat hypothermia is to press body to body and use bodyheat to warm the victim
-A Hyporthermic victim does not generate their own body heat. Wearing a jacket alone is not enough to recover from hypothermia.

-There is no way that I should be running, carrying a 50 pound pack, two weapons, and an axe while wearing a hoodie, helmet and gloves in the daylight with no rain or even cloud cover, and still be getting cold. We are supposedly in Russian, not outter space. This is a fail mechanic.

*I have not yet tried eating hot food to warm the victim, but that should work.

This feature is not unmanageable. I where a military gorka shirt, cargo paints, gloves, chest holster, backpack, Hat, ski mask, sun glasses and boots and I never get Hypothermia or Hyperthermia. Manage your character better.

I spawned in and straight away my character stated "You are promptly cooling off" while wearing Gorka top, cargo pants and military boots all dry not raining and in sunlight, checked my status and was Energized, Hydrated and Healthy light green, while I was looking the cold status came up dark brown and a message "I am cold" appeared, little did I know at this point I would only have about 10 minis to live.

I tried to warm up by placing 3 cans of beans in a campfire until it was red hot, ate all 3 cans and still died after about 7 minis dispute waring a wool coat, cargo pants, high capacity vest, Gorka helmet and shield with all dry clothes and next to a campfire. It would appear that this build does not register heat, therefore is completely imposable to recover from hypothermia, I even sat in the campfire and check my temp with the thermometer but still kept dropping.

@Nothingstrue - is this in the current patch from this Wednesdays maintenance? As I explained above, I was fully clothed and sat in a fire and still died of Hypothermia. I have played just over 800 hours including all the experimental builds and I can survive quite well, but not if even the heat from sitting in a campfire wont warm me up.

@ Nothingistrue
The only way to "manage (my) character better" is to wear the Gorka Jacket. Lame. There is exactly one jacket to wear in order to "manage your character correctly". No one will ever know who is who in armed combat! Everyone will be wearing a Gorka jacket!

Also. There is currently no actual way to recover. Ultradev says he sat in a fire and ate hot food. He was wearing a jacket and was indoors. That is what is called "unmanageable".


Just played today and yes your character does say I am slowly cooling off (which is fine as we are always sweating and running every where) and I played for 4 hours today and never got Hypothermia. You need hat, gloves, boot, jacket, and jeans to prevent hypothermia. If your hands or face and/or head is exposed its like it is in real life. Your ears start to get frost bite and your hands start to go numb.


I have NEVER died from or gotten Hypothermia. Back when they first released the temp control I used to get Hyperthermia alllll the time. But Hypothermia is only cured by antibiotics. And cause you cannot give yourself IV antibiotics with the syringe yes you are pretty much screwed once you get hypothermia.

@Nothingstrue - I was completely covered from head to toe, I even sat in a fire, I still died from Hypothermia. As I said before I have played Dayz for a long time and know how to survive, but once the Hypothermia De-buff displayed I was unable to recover dispute every effort.


Like I said the only cure for Hypothermia is IV antibiotics. The brown viral thingy and a syringe and your good. The problem is having someone there to give it too you.

Once you get to the Hypothermia stage you are done without another user there.

Just like in real life. My suggestions to you is find clothes as fast as you can.


Also if you would like a buddy to play with you can always ask. I love playing this game!

rudder added a subscriber: rudder.May 8 2016, 8:01 PM


Normally some combination of this kit would keep me warm. As of today whatever I do I end up with hypothermia and dead. I have seen people saying that they can only warm up on some servers even in the same weather conditions. I think there has been a bug introduced in the latest update as I have never had this issue before today

Durzos added a subscriber: Durzos.May 8 2016, 8:01 PM

Yep outdoors sunny, wool coat (pristine) all other usual kit and still dropping temp rappidly. Could not be controlled, logged before i died.

Is there any way of putting people like "Nothinstrue" on ignore? His input is utterly pointless.

I have found the campfire works in the prison buildings but that's the only one I've found so far.

I would also like to add that the event of rain proves that the outside temperature is above 4°Celsius

Also, this bug does is not encountered on all servers.

It seems to me that this may be dependent on server settings.

I have now added two images of the campfire not working, I knelt in the campfire indoors, took my temperature and was still getting cooler.

@Zipster69 - It maybe dependant on the server setting like ColonelBurton mentioned as the two images I added are in the prison building at Green Mt. and as you can see it did not work as I was still getting colder.

EDIT: Link to images-

So. After much running around with the thermometre in my hand. I can now say that YOU ACTUALLY PRODUCE BODY HEAT!!! This is quite a revelation! This is not likely to be the holy grail, however, as I would also like to discuss the usefulness of certain clothing items.

Here we are in Chenarus. I can see my breath, so it is cold, but not too cold, as is depicted by the landscape. On this particular day, it was sunny. Around Midday. I was wearing a wool coat, a winter hat, a backpack full of shit, several weapons, military boots, gloves, and sturdy cargo pants. I was moving around in the forest and in urban landscapes and I was freezing! I was losing heat and losing heat and began shaking and my status was showing COLD. My temperature showed to hover around 35.4 C. That is very cold. Dangerously cold!

My friend suggested to go in a house and run circles to generate heat. I tried this. To my amazement, I began to warm slowly! WOW! WHAT!? We actually generate body heat! I put myself facing a wall and just ran straight into it for ten minutes. My body temp actually rose at least one whole degree! So that's it! You have to stay moving!

I decided to continue testing the heat thing. I rooted around in town for a while so my body temp would dip again, then I went for a run. Solichny to Elektro. Nice long run. I checked my temp every little while. As I ran, my body temp steadily rose. I was wearing the wool coat. I had a pristine hoodie in my pocket, so I swapped it out for the coat. Now, wearing a hoodie, I immediately began losing body heat. Eventually, my body temp did begin going lower and lower while running and while wearing a hoodie, winter hat, military boots, vest, gloves, weapons, etc.

I learned that the hoodie and any clothing item rated lower than that in terms of warmth, is completely useless in this game and should be scrapped immediately. Tshirts, checked shirts, hoodies, and the like should be given the same treatment as rotten kiwi and removed from the game wholesale. Frankly, the wool coat should too, as it just bearly covers minimum requirement to remain living in this game.

Now, I know plenty of people who work outdoors every day. They work in conditions very much like the conditions being simulated in DayZ. If they have a hat, gloves, boots, pants, and a hoodie, they will be just fine. Perhaps, under rain conditions, rain gear is adviseable. This leads me to wonder if perhaps, the world in which DayZ is set is on the moon. Perhaps there is less atmosphere than on Earth, so heat dissipates much faster?

As far as a fire goes, I have not tried it with the temperature feature activated. That will have to be next. I have not tried to sit next to one, nor have I tried to eat hot food to raise body temperature. So far, the only way to raise body temperature that I have every found is to be wearing a highly rated jacket and sprinting for thirty minutes.

As far as antibiotics, I have not tried that either. I have my doubts. Hypoythermia is treated with only one thing in real life: APPLY HEAT. Provide external heat sources. Usually body heat is most recommended. In other words, the best cure for hypothermia in the real world is to get naked and cuddle. No kidding. Antibiotics are used to cure bacterial infection. These two conditions are absolutely seperate conditions. If the authors of this game wish to illustrate some level of realism (which they seem to strive very hard for), then a mechanic whereby antibiotics cure a condition such as hypothermia is a very bad illustration and it makes them seem foolish. We might as well just use a squirt of morphine to fuse bone.

Ultimately, after much running around and checking this thing out, I believe that the body temperature model is currently too difficult to manage. I believe that it is not realistic and does not feel intuitive.

I used to hate the medical (food/water/health) model also. After some tweaking, the authors have gotten it right. I can only hope that our feedback is read this time also and the model is softened to where it is a real aspect to take into account, but does not detract from enjoyment of gameplay.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I was looking into this heavily tonight and there was much learned.


Just stop reading my comments than.

app0815 added a subscriber: app0815.May 8 2016, 8:01 PM

please hotfix ASAP

and no we don't want the silly heat-packs from the mod, no sirs!

I'm having the issue with cooling but fires most definitely warm my character up at least. I can be at 35C, light a fire, and it INSTANTLY warms my character back up to 36.8C, I even checked with a thermometer to make sure. Before fire 35C, the second my animation finished lighting the fire I was 36C again instantly.

Figured it out (For me at least).
Just been playing around. I have found that swapping to some different boots fixed the problem for me. I went from freezing to just cold within 5 seconds when I swapped from pristine hiking boots to pristine working Boots.

I did not see any evidence of warming in that video about the boots. I did see you run on the spot for a long period of time, which, when protected sufficiently, will raise your body temp via body heat.

I have been playing since then without becoming freezing (Or cold even) with all the same gear. I was only running on the spot for less than a minute. I swap the boots then start running and hit tab and instantly I am just cold.

The day before I picked up some boots while fully kitted out with military gear and withing about 15 minutes I was dead from hypotermia. For me at least it has been an issue with the boot.

dash added a subscriber: dash.May 8 2016, 8:01 PM
dash added a comment.Oct 5 2014, 6:19 PM

I've tried to play DayZ again after a bit of a break and this is the first thing I noticed in the updated game. I did not pay enough attention to the cold in my first spawn, but I learned pretty quickly that the spawn is now a mad dash for sufficient clothing even more than it is for food or a weapon. I've had at least half a dozen failed spawns now, constantly running, diligently wringing out clothes/seeking shelter in rain, and sometimes even finding Down Jacket before the hypothermia sets in and kills the character. Even if the temperature model is fixed somewhat, coat spawns are definitely way too rare now. It is not possible to get a decent start in the game anymore.

andy added a comment.Oct 6 2014, 4:23 PM

Hello Cheboygan and others,
this is an issue we are aware of and currently looking into.
Please keep providing any possibly relevant feedback here as this ticket will now be considered the main one for this issue.
Thank you,

I walked through a puddle, just a puddle, and was told I was soaked and cooling down.
This hypothermia business HAS to be toned down by a HUGE factor.

If it is raining AND there is a strong wind AND no sun AND you are outside, then wind chill may be a big factor in cooling down, but if someone is indoors and has at least some dry clothing on then hypothermia should not be happening at all.

Oh yes!! Walking through apuddle should not soak you, or (as I read in someone else's comments) filling a waterbottle. Getting SOAKED should be reserved for wading rivers or getting caught in cloudbursts.

A bit more real-life-world needed.

e_xil added a subscriber: e_xil.May 8 2016, 8:01 PM

this is so frustrating

i had pristine down jacket, pristine pants etc, nothing was damp etc, and stil lgetting hypothermic

this is soo damn ..

Wool coat, ushanka, autumn hunter pants, all in worn or pristine condition, and still getting hypothermia in a sunny day.

Not only this is unrealistic but more ways to heat up should be added to the game. Perhaps stoves or hot packs. Actually if I'm not mistaken the only way to warm up is to build a fire which requires:

  • matches
  • paper or rags
  • kindling
  • wood which requires an axe and the correct tree

My last dozen characters survived less than half an hour. The game is barely playable as it is now.

e_xil added a subscriber: Robert.May 8 2016, 8:01 PM


yes! the gas-stove also should heat up! its really hot ;)

also a gas lamp! a gas lamp is getting hot and when you sit next to it - it would heat you up

this would be cool, so please devs - add it :)

Mate, what you have to do is get into the coding and either DISABLE hypothermia AND hunger, or REDUCE THE EFFECTS BY A FACTOR OF 95%.

Rapid death by hypothermia and hunger are simply FAR TOO UNREALISTIC and it is ruining our game experience to the point that I do not want to even bother TRYING to play.
If you want us to test weapons and stuff like that, TURN OFF the hypothermia and hunger so we can survive long enough to test everything else. Once all of that is fixed, bring back hypothermia and hunger in about 6 months time.

I see all these posts about developing new weapons, it is a waste of time when people cannot survive more than 15 minutes before dying of cold.
PLEASE get your priorities right.

andy added a comment.Oct 27 2014, 11:15 AM

Hi survivors,
there have been some tweaks recently, e.g. to the functionality of the fireplace or the general mechanic of the character temperature.
If any of you could let me know whether you have noticed a difference (for worse or better), it would be highly appreciated.
Thank you for your feedback and patience,

DocWolf added a subscriber: DocWolf.May 8 2016, 8:01 PM

Greetings Andy,

in the latest experimental build fires work as intended, but character temperature still drop extremely fast: he/she spawns with a t-shirt in a cold (and often wet) environment, meaning the yellow "cold" status will pop up very quickly - and from there to the orange "cold" and hypotermia it's a few minutes wait regardless of sun, body activity and type of clothes. The result is a race against time in order to find warm clothes (in my experience only dow jackets or wool coats effectively helps you shortly after spawn) or all the items needed to start a fire. If for some reasons the character gets damp/wet/soaked the only sensible option is starting a fire.

Possible solutions could be spawning with something slightly warmer than a t-shirt (long sleeved shirt, tracksuit jacket), modifying Chernarus temperature or slowing body temperature drop a little more. The first two seems unfair (the first give your character extra storage space for free, the second is useless considering the developers want to introduce seasons) while the third one could be a possible solution.

Hi Andy
I haven't been playing stable for a while, but I can tell you with a 99.9% certainty that this issue does not exist on Vilayer servers.

I really hope that helps find the actual root of the problem.

This problem is server related. I tried it on several servers and sometimes I was frozen to death in 30-45 minutes and it didn`t matter how much I tried to heat up. Clothes, moving, fire, hot food ... nothing helped until I died from hypothermia.

I also tried Vilayer servers and I can confirm, that these servers are OK. No problem with cold, these work fine and I can play for hours with no hypothermia problem.

So this must be problem somewhere in server configuration.

andy added a comment.Oct 29 2014, 1:26 PM

Hi everyone,
this has been tweaked again, please let me know your thoughts - make sure to mention whether you are playing on Experimental and Stable version though!
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding,

andy added a comment.Nov 7 2014, 11:53 AM

We've tested this quite thoroughly and the current state seems to be much better.
Please feel free to submit new tickets if you still feel the rate at which character cools down is too punishing.
Thank you all for your help on this!