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Crash to desktop ver. 0.49.124931
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Latest experimental build 0.49.124931 game crashes to desktop after a few minutes of gameplay.

Have tried a few servers same issue.

Location in game Vybor

crashdump and dxdiag attached


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Same here, waiting on a hotfix...

Seems like the issue with the hunger/hypothermia status and the zombies have been resolved but the game does crash to desktop after few minutes of gameplay. I am impressed with how quickly the dev hotfixed the last issue so I'm sure in a short while (hopefully within few hours =D) this will be fixed as well.

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This ^

Someone mentioned it being whenever a player dies? haven't tested, don't have anyone to test with.

rage, can't tell if dying might cause some crashes, but i was playing on a server with max 5-6 players, and i keept crasing to desktop everey min. i don't think they managed to die that often. also at some point i saw like 4 players crashing at once, but i didn't crash at that time, so even if someone dies, not everyone has to crash due to it.
i think it might have something to do with the game loading new models/terrain, because my game mostly crashed while running/walking, but also even during loading in after rejoing

I was alone on a server after 10 mintes CTD. i was on a server with about 6 players CTD. and in those 10 minutes everyone else loses connection i think everyone crashes to desktop.

Just tested a game session, still experiencing a CTD after a few minutes of gameplay.

Was a fix rolled out? If so, it hasn't worked for me...

After 1 minute, or 3 of the game, the same error in the dayZ.exe closing the game. I did several tests including PBO audio files. Where they are not the cause of the failure. Also did tests related to directx where also not the fault of vga. The flaw is in the game executable dayZ.exe

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This is a copy/paste of Brian Hicks twitter, they are onto it

Brian Hicks @Hicks_206 · 22h

Observing a good deal of client side crashes on exp. Looks like the publish process pushed the wrong exe version. Will update in the AM!

is it that hard to upload the right exe?!

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I agree that it's not optimal, but Hicks is right, it's an experimental branch, and the other guy that is quite aggressive imho, has no clue about programming and the IT.

Sometimes mistake happens, or a wrong file is deployed and goes online, so what? it's an experimental deal with it^^

I was also wondering why it crashes all the time, changed to stable again, and now I know what the problem is:)
Take it easy guys:)

Upload your files in this ticket above, so we have the Informations on one Ticket only. Maybe so they can prevent this happening again:)

i know that it is just an experimental build but hicks said he would fix it yesterday morning.

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I was able to play fine last night after the new update,

If you guys are still experiencing issues you need to submit your own report with a crashdump and dxdiag.

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This should be mainly fixed, if you encounter anymore crashes, please report them separately.
Thank you.