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Zombies are omniscient
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I spent an hour this morning experimenting with zombie behaviour in Svetlojarsk.
I tried several things, also repeatedly shooting in intervals of 20 seconds to draw as many zombies outside the police station, then opened the doors to kill them. Once all zombies were dead, I went inside and closed the doors and remained silent. It seems new zombies spawn and know player location immediately, since they show up outside the door nevertheless.
Also, zombies hear a gunshot and know immediately what building the player is in.


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Enter town.
Kill all zombies with firearm

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There should be different levels of perception.
Zombies that hear gunshots from far away should move maybe a hundred meters roughly in that direction and stop if there is no visual.
Zombies that hear steps should move in the direction the steps come from.
Only when there is actual visual contact should zombies attack the player.

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ventrue added a subscriber: ventrue.May 8 2016, 7:48 PM

I particularly like the "attack only after visual contact" part. That makes a LOT of sense!

Currently the zombies in the standalone are broken. They attack you even when they're on a different level, they go through doors and floor-boards, they inflict damage onto you seconds after you kill them.
It'd be wise to avoid zombies all together, at least until the zeds are more fluid like the ones in the DayZ mod.

.49 hits stable tomorrow. If you'd played it or read the release notes then you would know they have addressed many of these issues and are implementing brand new AI and behavior for the zombies in .49 Now, while there are still issues with them, in my opinion they are vastly improved and no longer follow you for 75 miles or rush you in endless numbers because you fired ONE WHOLE BULLET. Just break line of sight for a few seconds and bye, bye zombie hoard. The frequency of being hit by "invisible" or "dead" zombies are also much better, still happens but not as much. Trapping zombies outside/inside works a lot more now too, again they still get out/in just not as much. Improvements are coming slowly, it's a lot of work recoding all the assets from scratch for a game like this.

fing24 added a subscriber: fing24.May 8 2016, 7:48 PM

on 0.49 I take out 2 zeds in tree line just north of bolota airfield control tower. I stay in tree line to observe the airfield. I see a zombie spawn in 300 meters away and watch it head straight for me. Dispatch that one after moving back a bit. go take up my position again 60 seconds later 2 more zeds are on me. After that I thought fuck it take my chances looting the airfield as the zombies just keep on spawning in and going after me when they can spot see me, but I haven't spotted them. I hope they get this fixed as it is rather annoying that they know your exact location even when hidden or moved on some distance from where you shot them.

Were you shooting at the zombies? If so then you got swarmed for a reason and you should stop firing. I said you wouldn't get endlessly rushed for firing ONE bullet (from a pistol of course), and I still haven't been rushed by endless waves from limited firing. I fire a pistol shot, even the magnum and get at max 3 zeds on me which I then MELEE, no more spawn on me. If you're shooting them all with AKs, M4s and Mosins it shouldn't be a surprise when you get mobbed. The louder the noise the more attention you are going to get. Maybe it's just me but I've had no problem with being rushed when I took them out quietly.

Just to make sure everybody knows this: Pistols are not by definition more quiet than rifles.

You've never heard someone fire an FNX45 have you? You're right, totally as loud as an AK/M4/Mosin. (SARCASM) Just to make sure everybody knows this... if you shoot zombies with automatic weapons (this goes for all guns if you keep shooting really) you SHOULD be swarmed as long as you keep firing. If you hate zombies now wait until they spawn in like the mod.... way more. You're not supposed to be running around Rambo style mowing down zombies with no consequences. You can go to YouTube right now and watch plenty of videos where someone got raped by zombies in the mod because of overused guns. I really hope the devs don't cave to derping zombies response to gunfire in a ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE, if you keep shooting you should either have to run, or die from an extreme lack of ammo and common sense.

I get they spawn in on gun shots and may be them homing in on the noise, but when you have moved some distance from the original firing point and they still home into your new position and when you are in cover and quite there is something wrong, Or is that just me?

I just cut line of site by running through the woods and bushes. Usually after about 50-100 meters (that's about 300 yards if you don't know) running through the woods/bushes/cover I'm free and clear. If you run through a bush, then cut a hard right and stay behind more trees/cover (Keep moving, zombie might spot you if you just sit there) then when the zombies run out you will notice they run straight through the tree and will stop or keep going as long as you made a sharp turn and they don't see you. Once you break line of sight (as long as you are far enough that they don't hear you running etc) by running through bushes the zombies will continue on the last spot they saw you. When they get there, if they can still see/hear you then the chase continues. Like I said, run them through bushes and make a few tight turns, you'll be fine. I can lose 3-5 zombies in about 25 to 30 seconds flat every time. If you're stuck in a town cut around buildings, hop fences, crawl under broken wall holes, trap them in buildings (when that works)... Just anything to break line of site and increase distance from the zombies. Don't forget they can hear footsteps so you have to make them lag behind before the cover really works all that well. Zombies also key in on me if I talk in in game VOIP chat, so they can hear you talk in game as well evidently.

I'm not saying their line of sight and/or following AI is perfect, but the response to gunfire is perfectly fine.

Aren't they supposed to be infected? Zombies have a better sense of orientation than special-forces soldiers.

Zombies seem to have a perfect knowledge of all the buildings and surroundings. If you stay in front of a window on the upper floors of the hospital for a few seconds, zombies are able to spot you far away from the street and immediately find their way to the hospital, up the stairs, through the right corridors to you. Experimented today.

Zombies should probably run towards the building when they spot a person inside it, perhaps enter the building, but then wander around for a while and cease "attack mode" unless they can keep line of sight with the person.

At least in the mod, non agro'd zombies had a very slight "Pull" to survivors even if they didn't see them,

For example, if you hid for an extended period of time, the zombies would slowly "Gravitate" to your position. They wouldn't RUSH you, but they'd ever so slightly move towards you as they wander around.

This behavior MIGHT be in the standalone, as well. Not really a bug, but this behavior should be changed once zombie AI is fixed up.

app0815 added a subscriber: app0815.May 8 2016, 7:48 PM

agreed, zombies also seem to see the players through walls when on elevated levels of buildings, even when not truly in view.