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[SUGGESTION] Improvements for the **IMPROVISED BOW** (Quiver, Arrow Stack Limit, Range)
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[[[Dear developer team,

implementing the improvised bow was a fantastic idea in my opinion. It allows you to get armed quickly and take out zombies silently. There are some things at the moment though, that I'd like seeing improved on it.

  1. Add a craftable quiver: e.g. leather + rope.
  2. Arrows should be allowed for stacks of at least "20" (compare the volume to a water bottle).
  3. Arrows should not be "loaded" into your bow like magazines, as that makes no sense, but much rather added to the quiver (which could hold "20") without having to reload until the quiver is empty.
  4. The amout of time you pull back the bowstring, should define how far the arrow flies (clicking will make the arrow drop in front of your feet; pulling the bowstring all the way back allows for furthest distance).

Additions by MrDouille:

  1. "Arrows length size is between 26" (66cm) and 32" (81cm) so it's much longer than a bottle. Should be 3-4 slots vertically"
  2. (Quiver should fill the melee slot)
  3. Increase bow range to at least 30m

Additionally, maybe increase the spawn rate of chickens and let them spawn in the north-eastern part of the map, as it will then allow freshspawns to get a very basic weapon. (It doesn't make sense implementing craftable arrows, when it's easier to find composite arrows than finding chickens).

As always thanks for reading and your attention!

Freerider3434]]] {F31034}


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I won't be reading anything you post here, please come over to the dayz forum to talk about this suggestions:

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I will upvote this, because I find it a very good idea, since I have never seen a chicken until now, but only if you promis not to update this suggestion like the other one with the magazine, 'cause I don't wanna receive 1000 Mails per day only from the Feedback Tracker-.-



This will only be updated when it recieves another upvote, because I plan on showing the developers that the topic is in discussion by adding a supporter-count to the title. I will also only update it once a day if that is ok with you.

Once a developer has acknowledged the suggestion I will stop updating it entirely.

Please let me know if that is ok with you.


I agree with you but I want to add something :

  • quiver craftable with leather, because you want something hard and not soft.
  • quiver should be in melee slot to be usable
  • ok with arrow stack by 20, but not OK with inventory space. Arrows size are between 26" (66cm) and 32" (81cm) so it's much longer than bottle. Should be 3-4 slot vertically since storage is done this way in the bag or quiver.
  • ok with the amount of time you pull back the bowstring but arrow should goes at least 30m

Hello MrDouille,

thanks for your additions. I think they're great and if you're fine with it, I will add them into the suggestion.

(I'll give you credit in the description)


Take whatever you need ;)
I don't need the credit, I need it in game :p

Hi again freerider3434,

I like what you said about the chicken spawns. I have yet to find any chickens in the DayZ SA.

Increasing their spawn rate would be awesome! +1

Hello GooglyEyes92,

to my current knowledge chickens only spawn in 4 towns atm. Kozlova, Nadezhdino, Vyshnoye and Msta. I can only confirm for Kozlova though.

Found a chicken twice there both times in the same location: There is a tiny road leading north east to a barn and a house I think. Check that out if you wanna find your first chicken! ;D


I up-voted this as well, as someone who was very excited about the Bow addition, but had to give it up do to inferior quality and overall lack of efficiency.

I would also like to add, if you please:

  1. The ability to Move while Drawing back your bow string.

Currently when you are firing the bow, you cannot move. It least strafing from side to side will suffice.

Although without your other improvement ideas, this would be irrelevant as the bow couldn't hit a wild boar 5 yards away in my personal experience.

The only chicken i can confirm to have ever seen is in Msta, a zombie a freshly killed it.

Hello Thrust Vectoring,

I think you should be allowed to move at "walking speed" with drawn bowstring, but releasing while moving should kill your aim.

It should be that you have to stand still for about a second after moving to recieve full aim focus again.

What do you say?


this should really be on the forum not on the bug reporter as it is a suggestion not a bug

Hello outlaw1198,

as you might have noticed, there is plenty of suggestions filed in over here. It is called "Feedback tracker" not "Bug reporter"!!

So please read my additional information and don't just dislike my idea because you dislike suggestions being on the forum. These are two different things...


app0815 added a subscriber: app0815.May 8 2016, 7:43 PM

Great ideas, upvoted.

I also would like to add a craftable rope/bow string to the list.
Nettles + knife = nettle rope/bow string.
Leather/pelt + knife = x number of ropes.

The dream of spawning with nothing, finding an axe and a knife, running out into the wild and surviving off the land is almost complete.

Hello Estabouven,

thanks for your input. I haven't quite got your recipes though, could you explain them in a little more detail so I could make sense outa them?

Thanks in advanace!



Would you mind not spamming the feedback tracker with the two suggestions you've posted on here? Every time it shows in my inbox and i check them they're always consistent which means you're just editing the title so it's the first thing people see.

Not only are you blocking other important issues, you're spamming our message box.

In fact a moderator should have closed them.

yeh, please Mods, actually he was warned. Some users asked him to stop and he doesn't get it- So please close these 2 tickets, or freerider completely...

yeah stop doing that freerider. you can't force it. you'll have more people against you if you try. I'll downvote if you keep this behavior up.

Hello folks,

I have not been warned. I have talked to people and they didn't reply to me.

Downvoting my suggestions means just that: Downvoting my suggestion and not my behaviour. If you want to change something here you might wanna try to sort this out with a mod...

Question to you 3 guys: Have you seen any suggestion gettings as many votes as mine? Have you seen any suggestion being acknowledged?

Hate me for it, but I am not trying to waste my time here but actually reach the devs attention. The feedback on the suggestions was positive, meaining the community has interest in them. If I had been warned or even threatened of course I would have stopped already and matter of fact I even update them rarely and only if the votes change.

I will not spam you guys as I haven't before.
What I suggest for you guys is to switch your email so you don't get the messages and just bookmark the tickets that you want to check every now and then. (Do you even want to get the updates?)

I am open for discussion with the mods on this forum, I am sure they might even be able to block the mails for my tickets.

You know how it is. Suggestions just get forgotten if they don't appear on page one every now and then, simply because no one sees them. You gotta admit that I have a point here, just check back on some others, you'll see they just drowned.


the moderator asked you not to do that already in the other thread about reloading animations. people asked you not to do it, yet you keep doing it. asking people to change their emails so you can keep doing this is quite selfish of you. your problem with the bow is not forgotten just because it's not on the first page.


This forum is to notify the developers of existing bugs throughout the game. Suggestions aren't suppose to get a lot of votes, if that were the case then this wouldn't be a bug tracker.

Every ticket gets viewed and acknowledged regardless of votes, bugs and suggestions alike.

mist3r added a comment.Sep 1 2014, 8:33 AM

Watch for this. 8 supporters, It is assigned, someone saw it, and is monitoring it so far. I will certainly not create an other mail account just for not being spamed by you^^

I'm out of here.

I support this issue as well. I love having a crossbow and use it everytime I find bolts or crafting the ashwood bow and using it against zombies.

Best weapon ever - you don't have to get near and you kill them efficiently.

I would just love to see the spawn number increased, its really too hard to find bolts or arrows ( I have not yet found a chicken, even though I keep looking at places where they are supposed to spawn. )

Oh, chicken - I think they should spawn where chicken cages are ( or however these cages are called, with the small ladders ). WE NEED CHICKENNNN :) :)

As we can craft stone knife in 0.52 now, I wanted to play as a hermit and the imbalance in bow and arrow is really frustrating. I support every suggestion made maybe except quiver taking up melee slot. It would still be a huge problem for bow users.

I also think there should be another improvised bow, one made simply out of three or four (maybe five) ordinary sticks and duct tape.

Duct tape is also great for fletching (instead of chicken feathers) by the way

im a veteran acher i can shoot with high accuracy whthin 40m after very much practice in 0.54,but also many trouble . 0.54 animal Ai improved they are so smart that realize danger incoming whether i go access by sneak prone or running,as my words,bow is not good at hunting wildlives this vision.

2.bow is a weapon without noise ,human arent able to hear that but zombies dont care at all, bowshot always attract zombies,as you know,most of our arrows are crafted ,they arent box-packed rounds,(arrow size in backpack amazing)

And craft 5 even 20 arrows is very troublesome
(feather,stick,make them sharpe even install bone arrowheads.... why not improve the arrow-crafting system like VOLUME PRODUCTION with the "carft xxxxx all")
and increase the number of feather from one 0.54 we get only one from coop with single search.....spend too much time near coop is very dangerous when many strangers in same town.if we dont have enough arrows ,how to hunt

so above all, my advice they are:
1.increase bow effective range and improve accuracy
2.arrows can be craft with a big number in single action when enough stuff
3.increase number of feather in single search from coop(get 4-6 from single search at least i think)
4.can combine 10or 15arrows in one group(more than 15 also can be lol) zombies have no interest in acher who shoot
6.arrow sack ----if developer team have enough time

looking forward to DAYZ better,thx for reading