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May 11 2016

PoleXionG edited Additional Information on T109054: game used to crashed during0.49-0.54.
May 11 2016, 4:32 AM · DayZ
PoleXionG added a comment to T102616: [SUGGESTION] Improvements for the **IMPROVISED BOW** (Quiver, Arrow Stack Limit, Range).

im a veteran acher i can shoot with high accuracy whthin 40m after very much practice in 0.54,but also many trouble . 0.54 animal Ai improved they are so smart that realize danger incoming whether i go access by sneak prone or running,as my words,bow is not good at hunting wildlives this vision.

2.bow is a weapon without noise ,human arent able to hear that but zombies dont care at all, bowshot always attract zombies,as you know,most of our arrows are crafted ,they arent box-packed rounds,(arrow size in backpack amazing)

And craft 5 even 20 arrows is very troublesome
(feather,stick,make them sharpe even install bone arrowheads.... why not improve the arrow-crafting system like VOLUME PRODUCTION with the "carft xxxxx all")
and increase the number of feather from one 0.54 we get only one from coop with single search.....spend too much time near coop is very dangerous when many strangers in same town.if we dont have enough arrows ,how to hunt

so above all, my advice they are:
1.increase bow effective range and improve accuracy
2.arrows can be craft with a big number in single action when enough stuff
3.increase number of feather in single search from coop(get 4-6 from single search at least i think)
4.can combine 10or 15arrows in one group(more than 15 also can be lol) zombies have no interest in acher who shoot
6.arrow sack ----if developer team have enough time

looking forward to DAYZ better,thx for reading

May 11 2016, 12:35 AM · DayZ