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Medium-Long range Scopes should be in 3D like ArmA III
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This game uses the medium to long range scopes with 2D view while aiming down sight. As this game uses the ArmA III engine, and that game uses the 3D view for this kind of scopes, don't know why it is this way here in the Standalone. It gives a "cheap" game look to this awesome game, and i think it could be changed with no much effort, and it would give this game an awesome realistic look to the scopes.

Here i post how a long range scope looks in ArmA III, concretely the SOS scope.

And this is how the "Long Range Scope" Looks in DayZ SA

This is how the PSO-1 looks in DayZ SA

This is how the PSO looks mounted on a SVD rifle in real life.

And this is how a G7 long range scope looks in real life.


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I know there is a lot of issues that have much more priority than this visual tweak, But i want moderators to make devs know this would be awesome, and it would give the reallistic touch to the scopes that this "survival simulator" needs and the original game has.

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Hello FENS,

this should definately be in the polishing process when the game is near being finished.


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Yeah, that's what i meant with this post because i know there's a lot of work before this, but to make devs consider this is an awesome tweak for a future when they will be with more "spare" time.
If you agree with it, it would be awesome to vote up this to show how many people agree and how many do not.

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