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Can't join certain servers after placing a tent on them.
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I have placed tents on 2 different servers and I have not been able to join these servers again. They sit on 0/40 and the in game time is stuck on 14:00.

Did placing a tent cause these servers to become stuck?

The servers in question are:

DayZ AU 2-11 (Public/3PP:ON/Persistence:ON) 124737 - Hosted by

DayZ AU 2-14 (Public/3PP:ON/Persistence:ON) 124737 - Hosted by


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Go to server browser....

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I have attached a screen shot showing the some of the servers that are 'stuck' they all show a time of 14:00.

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there are a lot of servers stuck on 14:00 atm and i dont know why.

Help Please! This is a serious issue!
The server i have my stuff just runs 40 minutes and is 1:30 h off..
almost all UK persistent servers show regularly 14:00 and not accesible at all..!

More servers 'stuck'. I attached another screenshot.

This is becoming a serious issue.

Down to one Australian persistent

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This is what european servers look like. The server I put my tents on worked even after I put them there but some 24 hours later I haven't seen it go online.

Similar experience. I found camp with 4 tents, Stole all of them. Put them all on different servers, and all those servers went down.

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Priority fix, Public servers should be autorestarted if they can't get up after a restart. Doesn't make any sense the fact of having to wait to the next normal restart to see if they can get up...

Don't know if this is due to the tents or not, but i am seeing a lot of public servers stuck with 0 players at 14:00.

They said persistence was fixed, my team placed our first tent yesterday and restarted 10 mins later. Server was stuck at 14:00 after the restart...

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Issue resolved.
This ticket can be closed.

Thank you.