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[Suggestion] duct tape and loot hordes
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Hi. There is two things I want to suggest

  1. we should be able to use duct tape and or rope to bind peoples hands. It would be easier to get out of than handcuffs.
  1. I would like to see loot hordes spawn randomly. What I mean is this, most places have very little loot left because early in the outbreak people horded all the supplies they could get. Now those people have been overrun and their horde has been left behind. It would be similar to the heli spawns very rare and hard to find, also there would be and ungodly amount of zombies spawned around it so you would have to work at getting in, but when you do you would be able to load up with everything you could need(food,drinks,GUNS,AMMO,etc). It would be good for squads to storm and load up, or a new spawn to charge in to gear up quickly. It could appear in the current buildings/towns in the game randomly, or design a new building that has been barricaded and randomly spawn it like heli crash sites.


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Very nice idea! +1 vote


Would also like to see the ability to duct tape magazines together!

Yes, we need a use for the pliers, wrench, and duct tape. Maybe to craft or upgrade new melee weapons & items. Use the duct tape to patch raincoats and riders jacket. I love the idea of loot hordes! too.

Screwdriver would be good for fixing scopes, walkie talkies, etc

Hey there
I posted a similar idea on the boards a few months ago, but not with a survival cache that's guarded by zombies but with a well-concealed trap-door entrance with a ladder going down into it. Sort of like in the movies "The Road" or "Take Shelter", full of canned food, gas, ammo, medical supplies etc.

My idea was to have two spawn randomly at up to 100 different spots, sort of like the random helicopter crash, and for you to have to run over the trap-door to hear that the floor under you is hollow and face down to open the trap-door.

i like both idea's! we really need some more zombies and events ingame!

Nice ideas, especially like second one, reminds me of The Walking Dead. Also, we shall use duct tape to make some people 'silent'. Hey, let's kidnap that guy!

Spawning a mob around a loot cache seems more like a dinner bell than a guard detail. It's an easy tell. If these folks were hoarding stuff, I'd think they would have died with it, so why not pack the building (or room) with zeds instead?

Outdoors, they could be hidden spider-holes. Making an underground room is hard, which is why the original underground player base idea was scrapped long ago, so a trap door model that works like a chest seems prudent. Players could even make them on their own as an alternative to tents, but they would need to be much smaller capacity.

Idea number 2 is not bad but maybe could be improved upon.
Idea number 1, hell yeah that's a great idea!