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Weapon throw when prone
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Everytime I get prone with my Primary weapon f.e. AKM in hand, the character will immediatly stand up, staying still for about half a second, he will then throw the weapon away, after the throwing Animation he will do one Punch with the Hands. The thrown weapon always disappears.


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Take your Primary weapon or other objects in hand, press the prone key.
(I play with TrackIR)

Additional Information

I first noticed the Problem with my HARDCORE character, when he throws the weapon on totally flat ground, I was able to find and recover the weapon.
The next time this happended to my REGULAR char, the fully equipped, fully pristine AKM was thrown after going prone on a slight slope, the weapon was nowhere to be found.
I then tested this behaviour with a combat knife, with a big log, with sticks.
All this items could be picked up from the ground.

I then left the game and renamed my config "Styrlu.DayZProfile", after logging in, holding sticks in my hand, I could go prone without throwing. I thought I had solved the problem, copied my favorite Servers to the new config files, edited my gfx Settings and user Name and did the following key bindings:
FAST FORWARD = 2xW, THROW key disabled

I then played again with my REGULAR char, after I found a Mosin, I went prone on a small hill, the char would stand up and throw the gun away, which was nowhere to find and lost.
I then put my FNX in hand and got prone, but nothing happend.

Thinking the Problem might be Server related, I switched server and found an AKM.
Guess what, the AKM was lost after the first time I got prone with the weapon in hand.

DAYZ is now unplayable for me!

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One of my friends also has this same issue, and also plays with the trackIR. Could it possibly be related to the trackIR settings? We haven't figured out how to keep this from happening, but it doesn't happen every time he goes prone. He works around this problem by equipping his weapon AFTER he is prone.


thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have managed to find the cause of the problem and will start working on a fix.

Thanks again!

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This whole thing wound be not that bad, if only the weapons would not disappear on sloped terrain.

I can confirm this issue. Usually occurs for me when I'm on a roof of a building prone, but also seems to happen when crossing thresholds etc.

My character will full stop, arc back with weapon, and throw, and if you aren't fast enough to look at the ground before he throws it, you'll toss it away.

Most of the time I'm able to recover my gun, but makes me a hell of a target when on rooftops haha.

PS: I have unbound throw, so I am not doing it by mistake. I've had it happen, when not even touching my keyboard, only using my mouse.

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I find that my character do this bug just when pressing "shift" plus "+". Never happened to me related to prone positions. It is tottally game breaking nad hope a fix soon, because until then dayz will be unplayable.

I also have this issue. I've unbound throw but it reproduces with or without throw bound to something.

I play with trackIR also if that is related.

This happens to me 95% of the time I go prone. I lose my gun about 30% of the time.

Happens when I am carrying two primary weapons and also when carrying only 1 primary weapon.

Can the priority/status of this be increased, this has been game breaking for me and many other players since this bug first started occurring.

The ticket history does not give a fair reflection of the scale of the problem, as numerous other tickets were closed as a duplicate of this one without comments/notes being merged.

This is affecting a lot more people than may be realised and is a game breaking issue

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The bug is a little different for me, It doesn't matter whether im prone or not. Sometimes when Im zoomed in on my mosin with a long range scope my character will zoom out and then throw the gun away. I have no idea what triggers this, on some servers I can stay zoomed in for several minutes without an incident but on other servers my character has thrown his gun away as many as 4 times in as many minutes. Its almost game breaking. This needs a hotfix ASA f**king P.

andy added a comment.Oct 21 2014, 11:45 AM

we believe this has been fixed.
If the issue persists, please submit a new ticket - it is possible that the issue will manifest itself again in a different way.