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SKS 10 Round Clip can be used to create ammo stacks that behave like clips
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The 10 Round Clip for the SKS can be used to make ammo stacks which can be reloaded via the action menu.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Obtain SKS and ammo for it.
  2. Obtain a 10 Round Clip.
  3. Manually reload the SKS from the inventory with an ammo stack.
  4. Use the action menu to load the 10 Round Clip.
  5. The ammo first loaded appears in the inventory without numerical value.
  6. Reload the stack in the action menu by selecting 'Load 7.62x89 Ammo'

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This works also with ammo you chamber in a pistol (no mag inside), then load a magazin with the action menu, now you can load the single round back in (and put the magazin out).

Hello Lootzifix,

thank you for your report. We are now investigating the cause of the issue.

Your feedback is much appreciated.

Konseq added a subscriber: Konseq.May 8 2016, 7:01 PM

This bug is in the game for a very long time already (it probably was always in the game). I have discovered it months ago. It even works with a Mosin. If you loead 5 Shots in (without clip) and afterwards reload the gun with the clip the 5 shots in the Mosin go to your inventory and stay there. Then you can reload these 5 shots as if it is a clip.