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Throwing splint crashes servers.
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While it does not work on every single server, it is extremely easy to just skip through the entire list and try it. Throwing a splint leads to a server crash, and this is a very severe game breaking bug.


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Craft a splint if you don't already have one. Put splint in hands, then go into the 'ready' attack stance. Press G and throw it. Chances are, a yellow chain will appear and shortly after the server will go down.

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I have tested it, as well as another(who made a youtube video that I will link), and I am very surprised to see that my report is the only one.

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we are aware of this issue and are already working on a fix.

Please keep monitoring this issue for future updates on the situation.

Thank you for your feedback!

This works on both experimental and stable servers.

It will not cause a player to come back from the dead (i.e. - throwing a splint because your friend died will not bring him back to life in the next server you join).

If you are injured or damaged or your inventory is changed, it will cause a bit of a rewind to approximately 30-50 seconds before the splint was thrown (i.e. - throwing a splint because your friend was just shot in the leg will return him to his state approximately 30-50 seconds before the splint was thrown).

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Log onto a heavy pop server
create a tremendous amount of splint rags until it crashes



this issue has been fixed on the internal build. Please wait for the next experimental game update and try verifying the fix.

Thank you!

Just confirmed it, a server we were playing on made an announcement about it, and had to check. Definitely works.