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May 11 2016

soundguy added a comment to T106617: So many hackers, and people spamming (Maybe a little justified) thought i could offer solutions..

Hi i just notify:

i have got global ban 3 day ago. I used to removing closest grass textures to get at least decent gpu performance (not to get advantage, just not to have disadvantage of poor gpu performance) on very decent pc game rig 4cores xeon, 8gb ram, 760gtx ti. It was just by deletion of 2 texture files.
When it stopeed to work, i picked some program, used it and then voila, ban.
It was probably trainer or cheat program, whatever, deserved.

I have contacted battleye, which doesnt bother to reply.
I asked if i could even rebuy key, game or how to get it back to normal state as tax payees, and adults do, for my steam account. No reply.

I asked steam, i doubt they can help. I asked bohemia i, i doubt they reply (maybe). And games are still full of hackers? Sad.

EDIT: and i forgot another great "thing". I bought -today- Arma2:AO just for Dayz mod and when i downloaded 18gigs, i discovered, im banned there too.
It is nice to ban people in games, they dont own and even let them still buy it without any warning or message.

May 11 2016, 3:06 AM · DayZ