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So many hackers, and people spamming (Maybe a little justified) thought i could offer solutions.
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As anyone who has played this game on a server with a population of at least 30 would know this game is filled with hackers. I have gotten so used to it I either don't play or run around as a freshspawn killing people with axes or looting dead bodies. This really ruins this game for me. I mean it is more or less worse than the days (Or Dayzs) when hackers could strip your gear from across the map. I try to be nice to hackers sometimes if I have no chance to kill them. I was being nice (Unusual for me because it's 187 on anyone I see usually) I teamed up with some random guy and we were planning to team up and knock the first person we saw with a gun out. So we run into Elektro. Then a freshspawn teleports to us. So we had nothing to lose we were talking to him (Not talking shit), he did not have a gun. Ya know. Then he told us a friend of him made the hacks for him. He told us what his hacks can do and pretty much what all the hacks do. He can teleport, fly, the thing where they slide really fast, he can see people within 1000 meters, if said people are logging out, where they are, and probably a few other little things. Knowing this I have a few solutions you can prevent, or at least make them less powerful. As someone with about 1200 hours in game I can tell you the pattern I've seen is every update it takes a few days for the hacks to update.

  1. Unannounced micro-updates: If you were to update the game a small amount every week nothing special, just enough to require hacks to change that would make a lot more work for hackers.
  2. Better security. Make the game detect if someone if going in a certain direction by foot from one point to another too fast and kick them off of the server. This would make people feel like hacking is a lost cause.
  3. Better security continued: Get a better anti-cheat program. BE is terrible. I mean I really don't see it doing shit. They do not even talk to people, or tell them why they are ban. They don't even let you talk to a real person. You email them and you get an automated message no human reply.
  4. Give more power to the non cheating players: Some of the Dayz community really would hate me for saying this although it's the truth. You need to stop fixing duping. With the current situation if hackers are a problem the only way to actually have a fun experience in this game is to have disposable gear. You don't have to make it easy, you don't have to acknowledge it's back you just need to let it happen. People make shit about people exploiting glitches to dupe, but honestly who cares. I've even seen hackers call people out on duping and try to justify killing people with that. It's just not right how people treat it. It will not hurt anybody only help the people who choose to do it. Say I were to knock someone out and get an extra set of gear to leave in the woods just in case real quick who would that be hurting? The people who choose not to do it? I mean it gives nobody any special power in a PVP situation. What it does do is help for when someone gets killed by a hacker. I mean shit makes me pissed and not even want to play this game. Say you have a disease effecting your toe. If you do not amputate your toe you will lose all movement in your leg. So do you amputate your toe knowing you will loose it to save your leg, or do you let them both die? In this example cutting off the toe would signify letting people dupe even though you don't want them to. Losing the leg signifies how all the fun is being lost because of hackers. Hell you can even get rid of duping when there is a better fix for hackers, but come on something.

Any of these solutions would make me happy. To the community don't go getting on the comments section typing fast breathing heavy because you are mad about any of these things offended how you play this game.


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Try to have fun in a $30 game.

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I am liking the new updates you're doing good, looking forward to a faster car that is persistent to a server, and maybe even one I can do a drive by in. I would like a response, and do not blame you guys no h8.

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I agree, BE is crap and simply doesn't work. I haven't seen a single BE ban in the past 5 months. I haven't even seen any kicks as of recent aside from prosaic reasons like a client crash or BE failing to initialize. Haven't even seen a single kick from stuff like file inconsistency.

Engine is also very open for abuse. I mean hell, this is the only game that I know of where a hacker can push commands into the server so you'll do some kind of an action. Also only game where collision detection comes from walls repelling you client side. Which lets hackers block that function and hop through walls like air and cause you to fall off a building a die because the server doesn't notice that there's a wall there.

I agree.
I think the reason why they haven't implemented something like "if you move to fast you will be banned" is because of the desync. I have seen alot of players suddenly jump ahead or fall behind after desync is over so that might be giving too much false positives.
They are trying so hard adapt the arma 2 engine to Dayz but I think it is just going to be more work than building the engine from the ground up.

Although I don't know what they are coding, so this is just a wild guess based on their update cycle and the bugs that come with every new feature.

Hi i just notify:

i have got global ban 3 day ago. I used to removing closest grass textures to get at least decent gpu performance (not to get advantage, just not to have disadvantage of poor gpu performance) on very decent pc game rig 4cores xeon, 8gb ram, 760gtx ti. It was just by deletion of 2 texture files.
When it stopeed to work, i picked some program, used it and then voila, ban.
It was probably trainer or cheat program, whatever, deserved.

I have contacted battleye, which doesnt bother to reply.
I asked if i could even rebuy key, game or how to get it back to normal state as tax payees, and adults do, for my steam account. No reply.

I asked steam, i doubt they can help. I asked bohemia i, i doubt they reply (maybe). And games are still full of hackers? Sad.

EDIT: and i forgot another great "thing". I bought -today- Arma2:AO just for Dayz mod and when i downloaded 18gigs, i discovered, im banned there too.
It is nice to ban people in games, they dont own and even let them still buy it without any warning or message.