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Jan 11 2022, 12:08 AM (38 w, 1 d)

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Jan 11 2022

sakinyu added a comment to T143591: Tetracycline pills and cholera.

Same here... 14 tetras and nothing; combined with charcoal tablets and other stuff and nothing. Not even when staying 40 minutes with full on everything (food, water, health...). immune system didn't get rid of it. Had to kill the character. Now got it again, and I'm afraid I'll need to do the same... because last time it had cholera, character was consuming A LOT compared to other players... like 10 pieces of pumpkin + 10 tomatoes + some peppers in 20 minutes, and character still on red of food... Same with meat, could eat an entire cow and still be on yellow.

Jan 11 2022, 12:27 AM · DayZ PlayStation
sakinyu added a comment to T109620: Cholera issues.

I think there's a bug with cholera. I was sick for like 10h. I was full on food, on water, life, blood, everything... I stayed as such for 1h, drinking from clean bottles, eating a lot... and sickness didn't go away. Also took 14 (!!) tetracycline pills in a row, and still sick. At the end I suicide myself, was easier to cross the whole map than try to get rid of cholera.

Jan 11 2022, 12:22 AM · DayZ
sakinyu added a comment to T128625: Cooking at Fireplaces.

Hello, same (similar) bug here, although 3 years later ;) . I did some fire, and when I was going to cook fish-meat with long stick, the character sits down and stands straight away after sitting down. Meat couldn't be cooked. I tried from several angles, impossible. I saw the option "cook meat", but again: sit down and stand up without cooking anything.

Jan 11 2022, 12:16 AM · DayZ