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May 11 2016

han_yolo added a comment to T108602: [Suggestion] Remove two default primary weapon slots..

YES and NO ;)

I like the idea to require some kind of rope or holster to attach weapons but I totally dislike the idea that I am only able to carry one main gun on my back.

I have a couple of old and new-ish rifles and I can carry them ALL at the same time with ease.

Years ago I crafted some fancy 'improvised' leather sling holsters which allowed me to carry 5 rifles on my back, all fully protected against unintentional movement and even to damage (to some degree) - Was pretty neat because it also allowed me fast access without having to fiddle around while drawing or putting them back. It felt like being some kind of Mad-Max-style outlaw survivor :D

The number of weapons (or any equipment) should be determined by weight and not by "slots".

More stuff means faster exhaustion and less agility

come to think of it, a weight-based system would even add a whole new level of character customization:

  • A sick/injured player should be weaker than a healthy player.
  • A notorious camper should suffer from muscle degradation and therfor end up with less stamina and agility if heavy loaded.
  • A notorious road-runner should build up stamina over time, being able to quickly move heavy loads for a longer dinstance.

...this could go on and on but I guess you get my point

May 11 2016, 4:16 AM · DayZ