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[Suggestion] Remove two default primary weapon slots.
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Many people maybe won't like this idea but it will be more realistic to remove two weapon slots on player's back (first for large melee weapon, second for firearm/bow).
Maybe not now but later when different holsters/straps will be introduced.
For example you should be able to equip assault rifle on your back after attaching to it any kind of strap or case.
Large axe/shovel/pitchfork/pickaxe could be attached to a backpack (side of it).


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Not now, but later. I would be happy to make a holster for my gun with rope and attach it to backpack. I don't think about this meele idea because tourist backpack (atleast some of them) have a place where u can put hatchet or something because they are camping backpacks. Also goes for hunting backpacks. Maybe not for school backpack.

I hope the ability to wear an axe on your back is only a temporary option.

Update: Maybe we don't need slings modelled attached to weapons, just as attachment.

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Well, I like the idea with the rope, but you should not have to attach it to the backpack, attaching the rope to the gun should make you able to put it on your back the way you can do it right now. Same goes for large melee weapons, you could attach a rope to it and put it on your back. Since it's so easy right now to get ropes (or improvised ones at least), I think it would be nice, if you would have to work for the comfort of wearing weapons on your back.

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Zyryanoff is right, that idea was in my mind, too.

A thousand times yes. This has been one of the carry-overs from the mod that I can't get over. I get why it hasn't been a priority, but it kills the feeling of the game to see the two most important items I carry (aside from clothes or bag) floating over my back. Requiring an investment of an item like rope or cloth in order to keep your hands free fits the flavor of the game perfectly.

YES and NO ;)

I like the idea to require some kind of rope or holster to attach weapons but I totally dislike the idea that I am only able to carry one main gun on my back.

I have a couple of old and new-ish rifles and I can carry them ALL at the same time with ease.

Years ago I crafted some fancy 'improvised' leather sling holsters which allowed me to carry 5 rifles on my back, all fully protected against unintentional movement and even to damage (to some degree) - Was pretty neat because it also allowed me fast access without having to fiddle around while drawing or putting them back. It felt like being some kind of Mad-Max-style outlaw survivor :D

The number of weapons (or any equipment) should be determined by weight and not by "slots".

More stuff means faster exhaustion and less agility

come to think of it, a weight-based system would even add a whole new level of character customization:

  • A sick/injured player should be weaker than a healthy player.
  • A notorious camper should suffer from muscle degradation and therfor end up with less stamina and agility if heavy loaded.
  • A notorious road-runner should build up stamina over time, being able to quickly move heavy loads for a longer dinstance.

...this could go on and on but I guess you get my point

Thanks for you feedback. I agree with nearly everything. Let's hope we'll see some changes of that system.

PS About two-three-four weapons... I totally agree. Weight must be the main criterion.

Personally I am still interested... ;)