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May 10 2016

badair added a comment to T86874: Losing all your gear and spawning on the coast after changing server/relogging..

This bug happened to me twice. First time I was server hopping for loot (bad, I know), second time I was just logging in as usual. I am certain that this was not due to the update/"genocide" (to quote Rocket's twitter). I lost all my stuff both times.

Both times I had a gas mask, M4A1, 30 rd, 20 rd, 10 rd 5.56 mags all full, mountain backpack. First time was at NE airfield base, second time was at Zelenogorsk.

Edit: first time was using first patch, second time was using build 113822

2nd edit: happened a third time. Done playing until this is fixed. Thanks devs!

May 10 2016, 3:02 PM · DayZ