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Thu, Oct 3

alpharesonance added a comment to T142992: Arsenal Weapon Attachments Missing after reloading saved game.

Hey guys. After some testing and reading the function scripts, I figured out the missing attachment issue has something to do with the missionNamespace variable "bis_fnc_arsenal_data".
Here's my observation:
The function BIS_FNC_Arsenal indeed forces PRELOAD mode when the said variable is NIL.
After the 1.94 update, when the game is saved, weapons are correctly saved to the variable, whereas the compatible attachments/magazines ARE NOT saved.
As a result, the missionNamespace variable "BIS_FNC_Arsenal" is not NIL and PRELOAD mode doesn't activate. All attachments/compatible mags are then missing.
SO, the solution:
I've tried the following and can successfully enjoy a 100% working arsenal AFTER RELOADING a save:
missionNamespace setVariable ["bis_fnc_arsenal_data", nil];
["Open", true] call BIS_fnc_arsenal;

Thu, Oct 3, 7:03 PM · Arma 3