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Arsenal Weapon Attachments Missing after reloading saved game
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I just noticed a bit frustrating bug in the game . I think its not mod related as I tried with vanilla aswell.
My problem is when I start a scenario and open up arsenal everything works perfectly , but when I save and I reload my saved game if I open arsenal again every attachments are missing from the menu . Even with vanilla weapons … No scopes no rail attachments... If I restart the mission without any saves it works again ..
Is it could be update releated ?


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Virtual Arsenal
Steps To Reproduce

Tried both with and without any mods running .

Tried to Verify Integrity of Game Files still not working .

Reinstalled the game twice . unsubscribed from every mods.

Tried both Zeus Arsenal And Ed3n enchanced none of them working

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thanks for the report. We will look on it.

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I just made an account since this is the only place I see the same problem.
A few days ago, pretty much when this thread was made, I loaded my scenario and on the map every airbase, sea port, factory, and outpost's markers on the map were missing, along with the garrison and flagpole at those locations, yet if I fast travel and click around the area I remember the marker being, it will take me there, the place will just be flagless and empty, even for my multiplayer scenario I loaded up just to check markers are missing aswell. The only markers on the map that exist are the town markers. I started disabling and re-enabling mods and while I just tested a bunch of things I found that every attachment is missing for every gun, vanilla weapons, RHS weapons, SMA weapons, everything, and I'm using personal arsenal to see them all.
Through disabling some or all mods the attachments are still missing for every gun. If I load up my persistent save of my previous game, my gun in my hands still has the attachments on it, but when I'm in the arsenal it shows <empty>. As for the marker part, I've found only that loading up my save, the markers are missing, but if I start a fresh game, the markers appear. I guess I'm cool with starting a fresh game to fix the markers, but I can't get the attachments to appear.

My only speculation is the 1.98 hotfix in the news says "Arsenal loadout Compatibility", along with the Contact updates but I don't have Contact. Maybe the loadout compatibility broke something.

-Tried uninstalling, unloading, re-loading mods.
-Verify integrity of game files does nothing
-Have yet to reinstall game but planning on trying that.

Thank god I thought im doing something wrong and this problem is just on my side …
Thanks on the feedback mate . ..

Rune added a comment.Aug 11 2019, 7:46 PM

Are you getting this missing map marker problem too? Or is that just me? Looking for the issue is when I discovered my attachments were missing and still can't tell if these two problems are related or not.

huh man I will be honest with you I couldn't touch the game since this weapon mod bug … I really want to play again ( or try it at least to find another bug ) but till then Im just playing battlefield * not too happy about it …
cant wait for the fix .. fingers crossed its gonna happen

Rune added a comment.EditedAug 12 2019, 12:20 AM

I guess the map loading thing is just lag. I loaded a game and sat around for a few minutes and after like 5 or so the outposts and seaports started showing up again, as if its loading very late. Attachments still gone for every gun, I feel you it really sucks I've wanted to play but its so lame without the attachments.

Are you using Personal Arsenal mod?

Rune added a comment.Aug 12 2019, 2:15 AM

Well I found out my problem. It was the Personal Arsenal mod by "Drakeziel." I guess either it hasn't been updated according to that arsenal update arma 3 recently had or it broke it or whatever. I disabled that arsenal and tried out this other one called Personal Arsenal (XLA) by "Seven" which is based on Drakeziel's mod. This one works perfectly and all the attachments are back, only difference is this mod's scroll list is a little shorter. Good luck to you figuring out yours, hopefully this is the case for you aswell.

Nope cuz i tried it without any mods running and it didnt work vanilla .

Yes the Personal Arsenal XLA mod could finally bring back attachments after save reload BUT the vanilla game arsenal is still broken with and without any mods running so it needs a patch .
Its not good that you need to run a mod to play a game as it should play ...

Sooo will it be fixed or is there any update on a patch ? I cant believe that nobody has this problem ..

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it should be fixed in today's update of devbranch.

marcosgd26 added a subscriber: marcosgd26.EditedSep 12 2019, 2:19 AM

No! they did not fix it. Any ideas?

Yep . Its not . Its only working in the developers version …
I installed that one . That version works better than the standard tbh .
Try it .

The ticket is closed tho.. Might need to open another one.

alpharesonance added a subscriber: alpharesonance.EditedOct 3 2019, 7:02 PM

Hey guys. After some testing and reading the function scripts, I figured out the missing attachment issue has something to do with the missionNamespace variable "bis_fnc_arsenal_data", which stores all available virtual items.
Here's my observation:
The function BIS_FNC_Arsenal forces into PRELOAD mode when the said variable is NIL.
After the 1.94 update, when the game is saved, somehow the variable only saves maybe partially. As a result, on loading a saved game, the missionNamespace variable "BIS_FNC_Arsenal_data" is not NIL, thus PRELOAD mode doesn't activate when opening the arsenal. All attachments/compatible mags are missing.
SO, the solution:
Edit your scripts so that every time the variable gets cleared first before arsenal function is called:
missionNamespace setVariable ["bis_fnc_arsenal_data", nil];
["Open", true] call BIS_fnc_arsenal;
It takes longer to load though. Not ideal, but its working for me.