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May 10 2016

Zhellbring set Category to category:multiplayer on T97038: Invulnerability.
May 10 2016, 9:25 PM · DayZ
Zhellbring edited Steps To Reproduce on T95795: Sometime, when you click a ladder go DOWN, your character fall instead..
May 10 2016, 8:43 PM · DayZ
Zhellbring added a comment to T86579: Random Zombie Sounds [PRIMARY REPORT].

I don't know about the Soda sound error, but for the zombie...
It may only be a zombie stuck inside an area that player cannot reach/see.

  • Room in house that we cannot open door.
  • Zombie spawned underground/under floor.

Just an idea

May 10 2016, 1:58 PM · DayZ
Zhellbring added a comment to T86496: Character save loss [PRIMARY REPORT].


You are completely right. I also posted a while ago (A lot more up in this threat) about the wipe.

However, Since last patch, The game look a lot more stable for me. I was saying that "maybe" most new reported case, since the patch, could be related to death from Zombie. I personally died 2-3 time back from a crash/random reboot of server.

Basically, server crash/reboot. Badluck, if you are in middle of a town (or another bad spot). While trying to log-back... Happened to a friend and I. My friend got killed first by zombies (giving me more time) we both had a re-connection time out for some reason. When I tried to log a second time on the server. He was a fresh re-spawn. I was in middle of town, hearing myself getting hit by zombie. I had a quick popup of many messages (Your leg hurt, your arm hurt, your bleeding, etc etc) then pop on a fresh re-spawn also.

May 10 2016, 1:36 PM · DayZ
Zhellbring added a comment to T86496: Character save loss [PRIMARY REPORT].

I've been playing DayZ for a while, and experienced this "bug"
However, a quick note to developer, I am now not sure at all it is a "real bug"

Just my 2 cents... When we log-out, our Character sit for around 30-45sec before really log-out. In the meantime, If someone or a monster kill you. Your character will be dead, and next time you will log on, you will be a fresh re-spawn.

Now that Zombie re-spawn and are more aggressive, I always log-off on 2nd+ floor of a building and never lost my character yet. Remember... A player could logon and still kill you in mean time.

my suggestion to solve this would be like I've seen in another game.
Add an hidden for player state: SAFE and UNSAFE. When you log-out in UNSAFE state, the game would pop-up "You are Unsafe! Are you sure?" If you click yes, you get the 45sec timer.
Now, if you try in SAFE state, you just log-out. No warning. Instant save/log-out.

UNSAFE would = In sight of another player/monster and/or bleeding and/or any other bad situation.

In the same direction... When we log-in! We have a 10-20 sec unable to move loading graphic. Back from a server reboot/crash, This lead sometime to getting eat by zombie while loading. To resolve this, I think character should be invisible to MONSTER (Still visible to player to avoid abuse) until 30sec or until we start moving/clicking any button.

May 10 2016, 1:36 PM · DayZ
Zhellbring added a comment to T86496: Character save loss [PRIMARY REPORT].

Note for Developer, happened to me also last night.

Server I was on, had that red broken chain icon for 1min. So we decided to logout, and go find another server. My friend selected a server, and I joined from friend list. I had Please Wait message for maybe 1-2min. Then this message has appear : "Your character was unable to be loaded in. A new character has been created for you. A system administrator was notified of this error"

On shore with a new Character. I logged out, and joined another server. Character still was the new reset one. Tried 5-10 time. My character was lost.

My understand is, when the new is created, when we quit, it actually overwrite the old character. So I don't know if someone could confirm, but do we always have that LONG wait before the wipe? If YES, could we quit quick that server before new is created and log on another server?

  • Idea that maybe could fix this : Remove that auto new character, and pop a message to ask "WOULD YOU LIKE TO MAKE A NEW CHARACTER" If you say no, return to server list.
May 10 2016, 1:34 PM · DayZ