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Jul 28 2021, 5:44 PM (7 w, 3 d)

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Tue, Sep 7

Tempor created T160627: Floating objects/despawn issue?.
Tue, Sep 7, 4:27 PM · DayZ
Tempor added a comment to T159885: Being kicked with message "Your latency is too high".

So I unfortunately play on Spaggie's servers, which are in Europe, and I live in Central America. My normal latency pinging out to those servers tends to be about 130-140 ms, but my connection is obviously susceptible to a lot of possible issues. At any rate, I tend to stick to the high max ping servers, and since 1.13 at least, even that has proven difficult. Last night for instance, I was playing on a server with a 300 max ping limit, and I got kicked off a couple times. I left a ping running to the server in the background (please bear in mind I was running a large download as well, which obviously didn't help), and while I was seeing pings jumping upwards of 220-230 here and there, things were pretty good. After about 10 minutes or so, I did in fact get kicked, and sure enough, there was one (1!) ping > 300 ms. Now obviously ping as a tool has it's limitations, but we can assume it was no more than a couple seconds of ping that high, as pings on either side were < 200. This leads me to believe that the ping filter in DayZ is incredibly oversensitive and reacts on seeing a single event, rather than any kind of smoothing or average ping. Even taking a sampling of 3-5 pings over say 10-30 seconds and averaging those out would probably be a drastic improvement and give some forgiveness (it would also allow you some room to filter for packetloss, though you probably want an increased sample rate).

Tue, Sep 7, 4:13 PM · DayZ

Jul 28 2021

Tempor added a comment to T159304: 1.13 Puffer Jackets and car loot can't be got.

I'm not sure if it's a helpful note, but especially in cars I've seen this with other items. If I can get them JUST center screen I can often use "hold f to take to hands" to pick them up.

Jul 28 2021, 5:45 PM · DayZ