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May 10 2016

SgtHL added a comment to T70798: Can´t hold breath when looking thru sights..

I tried binding another key, it didnt work at all for some reason.

Then i messed around with the presets and finally set it to ArmA3(which it has been all along), and now it suddenly works like it should.

Talk about weird.

May 10 2016, 5:25 AM · Arma 3
SgtHL added a comment to T70798: Can´t hold breath when looking thru sights..

Still no fix and the release is getting close.

May 10 2016, 5:25 AM · Arma 3
SgtHL edited Steps To Reproduce on T70798: Can´t hold breath when looking thru sights..
May 10 2016, 5:25 AM · Arma 3

May 9 2016

SgtHL added a comment to T61081: Some sort of melee?.

There really needs to be a melee option. To this day armed forces around the world are trained in what to do when/if your weapon jams or you are out of bullets. There is also the problem of silent sentry/patrol removal (no not sneaking up on someone that´s waiting for something to happen, thats makebelieve unless he´s asleep, but if you are stationary and he´s walking right past you...)

A rifle is dangerous even when jammed or empty. You now have a heavy spear and/or club to use against enemies. If the enemy still has bullets and sees you coming.. you die.

A knife in the hands of a trained professional is a very dangerous thing. Thrust in and slash on the way out in the right spot and it´s all over, very quickly.

The melee should not be a stupid cod/bf instakill from any angle and distance though. You need to be properly placed and the physics need to be realistic. If your target moves, you miss. If your target has a modern ballistic vest with "plates" your attack on that part of the body should be ineffective.

On the other hand, if you manage to get behind your enemy within arms-length the kill IS easy. There is no real "countermeasure" to something like that, that´s just computergames bulls*it.
Human reactiontime is too slow for you to be able to counter a knife struck to the side of your throat (or inbetween your ribs, your kidneys etc). Forget "timed events" where you counter that attack with Hollywood-ninjaskills, no such thing is possible in real life even if you are from the SAS or Navy Seals. If they see you coming.. that is a different matter.

Only possible defence: don´t get attacked from behind in the first place.

May 9 2016, 10:47 PM · Arma 3