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Apr 23 2021, 7:06 AM (169 w, 3 d)

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Oct 4 2021

Sedzpo added a comment to T161055: Vehicle floating.

It's almost like they're purposefully making the cars unusable in a way. Maybe to prevent players from even bothering with going through the hassle of fixing them up in the first place. I submitted a ticket about this problem with customer support, and they told me that they couldn't fix the floating issue with the vehicles because the game engine "didn't like the vehicles". How lame is that for an excuse? I haven't noticed the wheels being any more prone to damage, but I do drive EXTREMELY carefully. Lol. That doesn't stop them from bouncing and floating, unfortunately. It looks like a programming issue with the vehicle suspension to me. Specifically with the truck and Ada car. Which seems like something that could be fixed. I dunno. I'm no game developer.

Oct 4 2021, 1:43 PM · DayZ PlayStation

Oct 1 2021

Sedzpo created T161055: Vehicle floating.
Oct 1 2021, 5:54 AM · DayZ PlayStation

Apr 23 2021

Sedzpo created T158006: Multiple issues.
Apr 23 2021, 7:28 AM · DayZ PlayStation