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Vehicle floating
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Are the vehicles floating around and flopping all over the place ever going to be fixed on Playstation? They've been doing this for months now and I'm getting close to deleting this game and never playing it again. The game has been updated several times and this has NEVER BEEN RESOLVED. This is unacceptable. I can't drive around for more than a few minutes without my vehicle trying to levitate into the air and spin around. And every time I get into ANY vehicle and don't start it up, it'll just sit there and bounce constantly until I crank it up and move it. And then I drive it for 2 minutes before it'll start bouncing all over the place and wind up crashing into a tree or something. It's ridiculous!


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Windows 7
Game Physics
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Get into ANY vehicle. Watch it bounce like an idiot. Drive it until it bounces itself off the road and hits something and kills me. Throw the controller and curse. STOP PLAYING!

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I'm on m my own private server that I PAY for!

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Sedzpo created this task.Oct 1 2021, 5:54 AM
lemmac added a subscriber: lemmac.Oct 2 2021, 1:37 PM

They obviously can't fix it but they could simply reduce vehicle and occupant fragility so we aren't risking everything just to drive to the next town. The trucks are already far safer due to their increased resilience and occupant protection.

why are the front wheels ruined after the slightest crash these days too? seems they have made the cars even more prone to damage (from collisions that are never of drivers making) since the update. utter madness.

Sedzpo added a comment.Oct 4 2021, 1:43 PM

It's almost like they're purposefully making the cars unusable in a way. Maybe to prevent players from even bothering with going through the hassle of fixing them up in the first place. I submitted a ticket about this problem with customer support, and they told me that they couldn't fix the floating issue with the vehicles because the game engine "didn't like the vehicles". How lame is that for an excuse? I haven't noticed the wheels being any more prone to damage, but I do drive EXTREMELY carefully. Lol. That doesn't stop them from bouncing and floating, unfortunately. It looks like a programming issue with the vehicle suspension to me. Specifically with the truck and Ada car. Which seems like something that could be fixed. I dunno. I'm no game developer.

lemmac added a comment.Oct 4 2021, 2:43 PM

As i say, if they can't fix the cars they can certainly made them tougher and with better occupant protection so after the inevitable lag/hang/crash/reboot scenario you can continue along your merry way... the trucks already provide this so it's just a simple adjustment of a few numbers in the code