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If I go to the back of the MS3 truck and use the square button prompt to remove a log, barrel, crate, or planks, it causes whatever I choose to become stuck in my character's hands and I cannot put it down or load it back into the truck or anything else. I have to restart the game in order to fix. this. Also, all vehicles shudder and shake whenever my character is sitting in the driver's seat. The MS3 truck is the worst for this issue. Once I start to drive, the shaking stops, but as soon as I stop again, it'll continue. It's worst when I first enter the vehicle and sit there without moving, though. It doesn't shake as long as I'm moving, only when I'm sitting still. The dead zombies are still occasionally floating in the air when I run over them with the MS3 truck. The biggest issue I've had since I started playing this game on the ps4 and ps5 is the onscreen freezing while driving. Sometimes, everything stops and the screen freezes for anywhere from 2 to 4 seconds and sometimes as much as 10 to 15 seconds. Once it unfreezes, whatever I'm driving will instantly shoot off into a random direction and can cause me to crash the vehicle and my character sometimes becomes injured. This is TERRIBLE and has almost caused me to stop playing altogether. PLEASE FIX THIS.


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The ps5 runs this game much smoother than the ps4, but it still lags and freezes WAY too often. It's virtually unplayable on the ps4.

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Sedzpo created this task.Apr 23 2021, 7:28 AM

Me and my friend we bolth play on ps5 and allso have those freezes! With any car!