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May 10 2016

MikeTim added a comment to T73938: Glitch with pond object (aka "Podagorsk problem" or "Beketov problem").

Theories/Possiblites to fix this problem, and if it can be fixed:

I believe that for this to be fixed, there are a few ways BIS can go about this.
I believe that there are many different classnames, IDs and models/meshes for the ponds that are used in custom maps, along with the default BI ones used on Takistan. Because not all of them have the same name, properties etc but are still all broken, clearly its the very "concept" of placing a pond object/mesh that renders in a certain way onto the map is what is broken, so BI can't just contact one addon dev and tell him to fix it, nor can they just make some blank version of the files for those ponds because there are different types, for instance the CLA Clafghan map when used through All in Arma or some other method always has the "black line problem", even though it uses ponds that are different from those in the Esbekistan and Beketov maps, both also maps that get the glitch. As far as I can tell, this only happens when 2 pond meshes are being rendered at once, and I am almost positive it doesn't matter if they are visible or not only if the engine is rendering them. If the guys at BI can somehow make a new method to render these ponds that doesn't break it (I believe some guy Aldruic who made A3MP a map port of many maps used a method of a new shader or somthing, Not sure if that applies universally to all pond rendering or just on those maps), if they can do somthing that just fixes this issues root in general instead of temp fixes for maps or just plain removing them, that would be the best option. I am pretty sure that they cannot just use some script to de render the ponds because I doubt the engine can detect what is a pond and what isn't.
Overall, I think BI can fix this if they try, but it doesn't seem to be at a very important priority for them because they are fixing Zeus, which is kind of a shame because I see obviously people know about this glitch and aren't reporting it because no one is ever playing these glitched maps on youtube or something like that unless they use A3MP map pack which seems to only fix it for those maps (Not sure).

May 10 2016, 6:54 AM · Arma 3