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May 10 2016

InSpades added a comment to T94712: [UPDATED] Crafted Saline Bag IV is <b>allways</b> "<i>pristine</i>", even though starting material is "<i>worn</i>" or worse.


Crafting a Saline Transusion IV will be pristine even if the Saline bag and IV start kit are both badly damaged. Same goes for blood transfusion kit.

May 10 2016, 8:04 PM · DayZ
InSpades added a comment to T94688: Extremely FPS-drops after new patch!!! From ~ 40 fps to 5-10 fps!!!.

Wife and I experienced the problem on two different servers. Starts immediately after joining the server. Our network did not appear to be the problem as the ping was constantly in the upper 20s. Bandwidth not the issue either as both servers were showing over 700 minimum. Resetting router and modem did not improve conditions in game. Task manager shows game creeping up into the 1.4 GB range on RAM usage.

Both computers have Nvidia, one 680 GTX 4GB & the other 770. 3770k and 32GB ram in each. SSD in one. HHD in the other. Win 7 Ult OS for both.

May 10 2016, 8:03 PM · DayZ