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May 10 2016

Erndog2k added a comment to T66195: Add Things to Building interiors. No bare bones ghost towns. Needs more immersion.

In 3 Months it will be 2 years since this was reported. How is there still no interiors? If I worked there and they gave me a bunch of interior objects I would of had this done in one week. Snap to object select corner vert of picture frame snap to wall vert done.

I don't understand why people who have no experience with game engines or any programming experience at all, say that interior objects would slow down the game. This it is simply not true.

Basically in Video games when there are objects inside of a building and you go inside a building, you see objects; and walls. These walls block the outside from your camera. This means the world that your camera cannot see isn't being rendered and you actually save FPS/ increase in frames, that is why in 99% of games you get better performance inside a building. Granted not every scene is created equal, sometimes an interior can decrease frames if more detailed then the outside; but that is a rare case. And usually just bad design on the part of the Devs. So yes it does work the other way around, if you are outside and stare directly at an outside exterior wall you will NOT be rendering the objects inside. (1993-1995 Stable release)

Quote "Each sector within the level has a linked list of things stored in that sector. As each sector is drawn the sprites are placed into a list of sprites to be drawn. If not within the field of view these are ignored."

May 10 2016, 2:31 AM · Arma 3