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Add Things to Building interiors. No bare bones ghost towns. Needs more immersion
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I really want the interiors of buildings to have decor such as tables, computers, chairs, things on the walls, etc, so we can increase the immersion factor. For example, in the big building by the air base, in the cubicles, there can be computers and chairs so it looks like a real office area.


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Right but do you think they'll add it? I mean, its our job to request things not in the game right?

It'd be nice to have.
However, more furniture means less performance, so there should be a module to add it.

Agreed on performance and alpha status.

There is another explanation: people from the towns and villages have fled the warzone, taking their belongings with them. Takistani houses had stuff in them, but that could be explained with lack of transport capable of taking everything.

I'm not against sensible filling of houses with furniture and items, but the "ghost town" appearance produces that special eerie feeling, the sense of immediate danger. It reminds you, that you're not on vacations there, but have a job to do. Also it's easier to navigate empty rooms, when in trouble.

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Not because of the idea itself, but because of numerous very remarkable issues that could result in adding more furniture, like even worse FPS (which is a no-no!), troubles with AI pathfinding and glitches with character collision.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

Alright thanks CSR Kryssar! I'm excited! Plus to the others saying things about performance, i notice( that if you put more load on the cpu and gfx card in this game, it leads to better fps bc it forces the game to load onto the both of them IMO. I get better fps on ultra (40-60) than low, 30-40.

I would MUCH rather have AI use buildings more often during regular combat than have furniture in the houses. Furniture will most likely mess with AI pathfinding and preformance in general.

I dont know hey, they managed to fill interriors in takistan, and that doesnt seem to have had much of a performance hit i guess, also some buildings in chernarus were filled too, but I agree, it should have some stuff in, and i doubt that it would mess with path finding, as i understand, paths in buildings are somewhat predefined, if not, it can be made like that so that it will guide AI to traverse interiors much easier.

I think people are being a bit too negative about this. but in that case, yeah if your system can't hold up to it, then BIS should make interior clutter an option to enable or disable. Personally I would like it to bee a little decorated, Im not asking for over the top details, but some stuff inside would be greatly appreciated.

Also perhaps objects in the interior can only become visiable within a distance of say 100m? I mean what can you really see inside a building within 100m? or even less? I am sure the devs can make it work, i mean they did make it work with takistan.

So anyhow, I vote up, make it oiptional =)

I like that idea that it should be an option. It would really be cool when you have for say, a hostage situation in a house somewhere in Agia Marina, and the whole team splits into 2, and find that theres a desk with a computer blocking the way to a clear shot, and team 2 breaches a BAM! I just wet my pants :D

btw does anyone else think that the AI have set paths un building? Ive never seen one in a building..

I agree that there should be a module, or atleast load in once you are close.. i saw a video of a mission a guy made and he made it to where there is nothing really there until you are in view distance.. Just to improve performance

I really like the idea of the module, and it loading in when youre close. DO you guys think that that will help performance?

of course yes, hell if they set it to even just load in 10m away from a building to the start populating the building with contents, it would be a huge performance saver as it wouldn't have to load all the contents in all the buildings at all times.

but mind you, given the clutter range that already eats performance, when you get within range of the building you may experience a hit in performance, so you will have to compensate for it, or if the devs are smart, they can dynamicly take away from the clutter range to make up for building contents, for example cut the clutter range by 200m.

This of course would be unnoticable since you are in an urban area and you are entering a building, you wont notice the clutter being cut away 2km away or more.

Anyhow, they made it work in takistan map for Operation Arrowhead, I am sure they can make it work for A3.

I really like that idea :) Hopefully they'll implement it. We need more upvotes!

AI pathfinding would have to- HAVE TO- be fixed before this. I still have AI squaddies getting stuck on carts/trees/bridges/bloody-nothing-at-all outside of buildings in the nice and open, I can only imagine what would happen inside. I do recall in OA/Arma 2 that any AI sqaddies sent into a structure had a pretty good chance of never finding their way out again. So while this would be an awesome addition, it would require pathfinding to be fixed really really well first. Totally possible that will happen, but if not then it'd be a disaster.

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It'd be brilliant to have a wide range of objects to furnish rooms with. Mission editors could restrict them to an AO, thereby saving FPS.

I like it, but about the performance problem, I say they should add a module like some of you guys have already said.

Arma3 has been released and Altis is an island without furnishings! Please Devs, add more objects (especially furniture) so buildings can at least be furnished in the editor. Perhaps with the free DLC? All we need are a bed, a wardrobe, a cabinet/drawer, a rug, sofa, arm chair, TV, and table with fully editable textures. Nothing grandiose - just something simple!

There's a joke on the rubbish texture in-game - a picture of a UFO with the headlines 'Mysterious disappearance of Furniture'. Seems BI are aware of this issue and are not going to add furniture to the buildings in-game.

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good idea would be (to have a bit of variety) making 4-5 models of each (chairs tables beds and such) and then use a proxy system to deploy them randomly.

perhaps some buildings that are eye catchers, and where you come along more often should have it's interior integrated so it doesn't change, but the rest yould get furnitured randomly and no one would care too much.

perhaps also some lamps in the intact buildings, wich are also turned on randomly?

could be really nice addition for the civilian site, if it gets back in the game, otherwise it looks really lifeless.

In 3 Months it will be 2 years since this was reported. How is there still no interiors? If I worked there and they gave me a bunch of interior objects I would of had this done in one week. Snap to object select corner vert of picture frame snap to wall vert done.

I don't understand why people who have no experience with game engines or any programming experience at all, say that interior objects would slow down the game. This it is simply not true.

Basically in Video games when there are objects inside of a building and you go inside a building, you see objects; and walls. These walls block the outside from your camera. This means the world that your camera cannot see isn't being rendered and you actually save FPS/ increase in frames, that is why in 99% of games you get better performance inside a building. Granted not every scene is created equal, sometimes an interior can decrease frames if more detailed then the outside; but that is a rare case. And usually just bad design on the part of the Devs. So yes it does work the other way around, if you are outside and stare directly at an outside exterior wall you will NOT be rendering the objects inside. (1993-1995 Stable release)

Quote "Each sector within the level has a linked list of things stored in that sector. As each sector is drawn the sprites are placed into a list of sprites to be drawn. If not within the field of view these are ignored."

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