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May 10 2016

DistastefulDarkness added a comment to T99380: Keep dying randomly.

I've had this bug happen to me consistently in the jail in Zelenegorsk. Quite literally every time I enter the second floor room my game freezes for half a second before the black screen reading "You are dead" appears along with about 6 messages reading either "Your leg is in pain", "I think my leg is broken", "I can feel blood on my clothes", or "I am bleeding". This can occur anytime that I've been on the server, with or without me ever having encountered a zombie or other survivor during that play session. Until this gets patched I would suggest either avoiding the upper floor of the jails, or taking it slowly and carefully in case this is a case of the differing player pathing that set back this update 2 weeks in the first place.

May 10 2016, 10:45 PM · DayZ