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Keep dying randomly
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I keep dying at random points, although last few times have been at NE Airfield in the prison buildings and usually whilst upstairs. Game says "I think my leg is broken" and the black screen with "you are dead" appears.

Having pressed esc the last time this happened (2 minutes ago), i noticed in the background behind the menu that i could see what looked like the building but very dark and it appeared that i had clipped through the floor.


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This needs fixing, i love this game but I've spent hours running to get loot after having died like this (recently anyway), only for it to happen when i just start to get going again...

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Are you sure that nobody is shooting you? Airfields are always highly populated.

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Positive, nobody about, had just run into the building and nobody was there nor followed me (i'm pretty careful after making lots of mistakes :). This has only started happening with recent update.

sods law, it only really happens when i've just started to find some good loot too, altough it also happened (just after a character reset no mind) bout 15 seconds after a respawn, on a road near the factory on east coast

Also take into consideration that sometimes snipers can camp on the surruonding fields. One time, a friend and I were in a jail and his leg suddenly broke because of a sniper who shot him through the window.

i don't think i was near a window, and unless the bullet passed through the wall it would only hit me in the upper body, also there was no sound effects like being shot. just ...... blackness.....

I've been shot so many times i know when i've been shot haha. Will keep playing and if it happens again of course will try and be a bit more specific with current game scenario

I don't know then... Wait for an official to see what he says about it.

Happened to me about an hour ago, i was at the base southeast of Vybor in the jail building, upper floor between wall and beds. Middle of the night - pitch black, low pop server, crouched.

I ate a can of whatever, and just when i was done it said "my leg is painful". Crack. Dead.

I didn't move at all, so i don't think i glitched thru floor or anything like that. Bug or hax.

It certainly seems to mainly that specific building type then as the it has happened to me 3 or 4 times and 3 of those were in the jailhouse building

From reading through lots of other peoples reports it seems it is a bug with people falling through the floor, only seems to happen on 1st floor (2nd if your american) of buildings

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This happened to me two times now.
First time was on the ship wreck after throwing a potato.
Second time after taking a can opener into my empty hands in an metal-barn southwest of Zelenogorsk.

Both times some kind of action involving hands and inventory was done.

yep, my legs break randomly, very annoying.

Yesterday, my legs broke too while going downstairs.

Ok this just happened again only I didn't die this time i just have broken legs. I was at Krastonav Airfield and went up into the traffic control tower, saw a pair of spring hunter pants, when i put them on my legs broke. I'm now crawling around the airfield looking for some rags and then off i go into the woods to find a stick..... joy

crawled of the edge of the tower, sick of crawling...need more fu*king sticks!!!

I've had 4 mysterious massive trauma events just like what was described by OP. Stairs have always been problem, but this isn't that. Twice I was running through the woods - screen turns red, player screams in pain, and shirt or pants go from pristine to ruined. It usually results in leg fractures too.

The last time it happened, I fixed myself up and stood there waiting to see if it was a sniper (I was doubtful), and nothing happened.

I think this is a bug that was introduced in .45 Stable. (I've got 600 hours in since SA launch).

This has happened to me and a friend a few times.
Server resets, so i rejoin as soon as it loads back up. When i get in all i have is the "You are Dead" screen and 2 messages: "My leg is in pain" and "I think my leg is broken"

After another friend got instant killed by a zombie when he was completely geared, i always figured it was cause by a zombie attacking me while i was still loading.

I died similar the way you died, i was at an empty server, nobody was in there, i was at Airfield gearing up when i suddenly died, no leg pain, nothing, just died from nothing, and i even respawned to be sure the server was empty and it was still empty...

Happend to me at the NW Airfield in the ATC tower. Went downstairs on empty server suddenly "My Leg is in Pain" You are dead.

A Day before: NW Airfield staying in an hanger and looking at the atc. The server restarts. By rejoining in the same server. A short scream. Screen turns gray and instantanious black. Message "your leg is in Pain" and YOU ARE DEAD

I've had this bug happen to me consistently in the jail in Zelenegorsk. Quite literally every time I enter the second floor room my game freezes for half a second before the black screen reading "You are dead" appears along with about 6 messages reading either "Your leg is in pain", "I think my leg is broken", "I can feel blood on my clothes", or "I am bleeding". This can occur anytime that I've been on the server, with or without me ever having encountered a zombie or other survivor during that play session. Until this gets patched I would suggest either avoiding the upper floor of the jails, or taking it slowly and carefully in case this is a case of the differing player pathing that set back this update 2 weeks in the first place.

Nearly happend to me again today. Again at the NW Airfield. Entered the Jailhouse and went upstairs. Standing in the room upstairs without moving, suddenly my screen turns gray for a 10th of a second. Instantanious i checked the inventory and my pants and shoes got ruined. No shots, no players.

Had another minor incident, no damage or indication of damage but noticed that my military boots (redpunk) went form damaged to ruined, not sure when or how, was at NE airfield in control tower (version 0.46)

Did not die randomly since 0.47

I was prone doing some random movements and had those message (broken leg) and inmediatelly died. The fact is that I was prone because I heared some sound of people walking and shots but there wasn't any person.

Hello Twiggy,

Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue. Unfortunately, this problem is a known issue that has previously been reported.

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