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May 9 2016

ClockworkVendetta added a comment to T62110: How you walk in game..

Voting this down for several reasons.

It's not "immediate" priority, nor is it of "major" severity. The fact that you think so shows you don't know much about how to produce intelligent feedback. (An example of "immediate" with "major" is that the game is randomly crashing for a large majority of the player base currently playing, and that it is causing severe issues for them.)

Second, you obviously don't understand what this animation is for. It's meant to be more of an at-ease, or patrolling walk animation. Notice the trigger discipline being applied here, along with the gun being lowered and the model walking in a relaxed way, which demonstrates how the animation should be used at times when you are not in any dangerous combat scenario. (The whole animation is the exact opposite of what someone would do in one, minus the fact that they are still maintaining a grasp on their weapon as opposed to slinging it onto their back.)

Think before you post next time, please.

May 9 2016, 11:45 PM · Arma 3