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May 10 2016

ApolloZ added a comment to T77092: Global chat is laggy in almost every server.

Some more information on this, whens its worse and when it gets better. This information relates to the same server Terox is on about. We usually do pre-briefings before we start missions, during role selection. At this step VOIP is horrible for 90% of the players logged on, while one or two players could have perfect coms for everyone. When pre-brief is finished and the mission has started, all players spawn at the same location, within 20m of each other, VOIP chop continues at this stage but can better it self at this stage. What we noticed, which may help you resolve this quicker, was that if we moved our squad away from direct coms range of the other players, our team leader which none of us could make out before we moved, was suddenly clear on group channel. This correlates with other reports, where the issue gets resolved or better when the different sections deploy and get spread out across the map.

Edit: Also, this has been the case on two different servers, different hardware, different world location, same mission or different missions, doesn't matter.

  • Apollo
May 10 2016, 8:17 AM · Arma 3