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Sep 26 2018

MR_DAMNICK added a comment to T132876: M4A1 won't load new clip.

Also have had guns vanish from my inventory after a few minutes of walking. I picked up a worn M4 for a friend I was going to meet up with. Did not load it or add any attachments, simply picked it up, put it in my bag, which was the big military one. Ran to meet him, took about 15 minutes. Get to him, go to drop it for him and it was gone. Now I know I took it, I seen it in the bag slot. And because I had it I could not jump or sprint. He also has had guns vanish. So it's not even after a restart or a re load or jumping into another server, it just occasionally happens. Also where in this forum do you "create a new issue" ? I had to respond to this comment just to add more issues because I do not see where to click to begin a new comment. Using on mobile.

Sep 26 2018, 8:35 PM · DayZ Xbox
MR_DAMNICK added a comment to T132876: M4A1 won't load new clip.

I have had the same issue with the M4 the AKM and the sub machine gun that takes the .45. It happened when ever an attachment was added, such as a scope or silencer. It happened after the server reset and we went back into the game. It happened when we did a quick server hop due to the server not having any loot. The gun would act as if a mag was equipped to it, but there isn't a mag in the slot. There is one in the picture of the gun when viewing it in your inventory, but when your holding the gun there is no mag in it. Can not reload a new mag into it only single bullets. Also the scopes are not all working properly. If you zoom in some are just a blur, even after looking for a few minutes to see if the game just needed to render, but nope, just blurry. Or there is another scope I put on and it sits a little higher, so when you try to look down the scope you look down the sites, And under the scope.

Sep 26 2018, 8:07 PM · DayZ Xbox
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Sep 26 2018, 7:52 PM