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Crossbow bolts can't be picked up after shooting them
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I shot 2 zombies in their heads. They died instantly but I couldn't get my bolts back. I saw them in their heads but I couldn't take them out and looking into their inventory showed me there are no bolts in it.

I shot another bolt into a wall which I saw stuck there but also couldn't take back.

Another person now told me he shot 2 bolts into the body of a zombie which killed him. He also couldn't take back the bolts.

So it seems the bolts are not working as intended as you can't pick them up again.


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Where is this

This pick is in dev blog of 4 avril 2014

We are late november and we don't see this in game. WHY ?
Why i lose forever my bolt or my arrow ?

Please fix it

they are broken,or it's a bug,because if the fire in the tree, I couldn't take

andy added a comment.Dec 16 2014, 12:11 PM

Thank you all for your feedback - we will take a look into this.