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zombie kills all cows
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some players complain about they never saw wild life. well, that's not my case , But this morning at Putoshka town, I saw a zombie killing all cows around him! I saved the last cow. By the way,it's life, I agree with that, but it was too easy for the zombie... could you separate location of the living and the dead? I mean , If they spawn together , in one minute there is no life to admire anymore.


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Have to disagree with this. I too have encountered this, I spawned on a hill and as I started to move, a pig ran in front of me with a zombie behind it. While not particularly useful to me or the pig, it was an awesome event, one which never really happened in DayZ previously. Plus, it just makes your survival harder. Which is kind of the point.

No need for this - they should just add a proper animal AI and give animals a proper amount of hitpoints.

andy added a comment.Oct 15 2014, 1:40 PM

Hi Shrimp,
thank you for your report. The spawn placement for Zombies and wildlife is a subject of change in the coming months. Your feedback has been noted.
Thank you,