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Rubberbanding/poor network performance/moonwalking
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I've noticed problems with network performance in the current build. We often rubberbanded backwards while moving around but in a new way I haven't seen before, with the character 'dragged' backwards. We also teleported backwards about 100 meters instantly a few times. I've attached a video to demonstrate. The server was also slow to respond to actions like eat, reload etc.

This behaviour was noticed on 3 different Australian servers, even on a quiet one. Interestingly when we changed to a US server the problem was much less noticeable (we live in AU).


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I have seen it happen to a streamer this morning. looked exactly like it and lasted about 20 seconds

Happening very often to me. I'm also in Aus.

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EU here - playing on german lowping servers, the rubberbanding occurs around every 2-3 minutes and sets the character back around 100m. I've tried different servers with different playercounts - doesn't really seem to matter, it's really bad right now.

This happend to me even running in the woods, rubberbanded like 50m behind of my position like 2 times in a row... This happens every half an hour or so

This happend 2 guys of our clan on our server.

Location of the server is Frankfurt.

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Myself and other friends who play DayZ SA are experiencing this issue very bad tonight (Thursday 26/06). It seems to be when Player A is attempting to connect to the server, all other players already connected are not able to modify inventory and when connection is complete for Player A, the other players rubber band to their original position. This is currently on Stable, however when connecting with Experimental it seems to be fine.


Thanks for sending in your feedback on this issue. I'll close your ticket since this issue should already have been addressed by the team.