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Handcuffing while logging off causes to death
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My friends tried this with me.. while I was logging off they've hand-cuffed me.
What happened then was that I just died instantly for no reason beside I was logged off. After logging in again I had to respawn of course.


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To reproduce this you'd need 2 people and one pair of handcuffs. One player needs to log off and then the other player needs to handcuff this guy. The guy who logged off earlier would just die ingame even tho he isnt online anymore.

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This isn't a bug. If you log off while handcuffed, you die. If someone handcuffs you while your character is still in the game after you've logged off, you will die.

This is to prevent people from logging off while restrained.

Its to stop the people from combat logging, If you get cuffed role play it out..

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You guys missed my point. I'm fine with dying after combatlogging while being handcuffed. But if you logg off and someone handcuffs you, you also die.. even tho you weren't in a roleplay action or noticing someone else. My suggestion is, if you logg off and someone sneakes around to handcuff you, you should have the time reamining after logging on again instead of dying! Pristine handcuffs OP :3 But I'd preffer waiting these 20-30 minutes out instead of loosing 3-5 hours work of looting and surviving!

No, I understood your point fine but it works this way for a reason. You can also be shot in the head and killed while logging off - same thing. This is the anti-combat-logging system at work.

Solution: Log off in a safe place

please close case as resolved.


as others have pointed out, this is indeed working as intended. Closing.