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Wall Glitch in Monument Statues
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Statues in large towns (e.g. Tank in Berezino) player can go prone and back into structure. If close enough to edge, player can shoot out of the structure. Logging out from here does not affect re-spawn, it just pushes player out once in the game. While in structure, standing and kneeling are possible. Six or seven players can fit into these structures, making for wall hacking ambushes.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Load game.
2.Spawn into any sever.
3.Find a large statue (eg, One infront of church in Svetlogorsk.
4.Go prone in front of large monument type statue.
5.Back into under plaque.
6.Wall hack away you hackers!

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Due to no response in private, making this issue public to get some response. Sorry; moreover, I know reporting this will resulting people exploiting it.

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This bug still exists and needs to be fixed, pleased.

Confirming for 0.47 stable.

It's not only the statues you can glitch into. You can also hide inside the beige silos, like you can find in Berezino (I made screenshots). I have not found other glitchable "dead buildings" yet, but there may be some more. I'll keep on testing...

To get into these "dead buildings" you can also try to jump, holding a weapon in your hands.

Please fix this as fast as you can. Groups and clans are using this bug to spot other players, to ambush them, to hide... Sadly it seems to become more and more popular.

Confirming for 0.48 stable.

Meanwhile I found another glitchable "dead building". You can see it in example2.jpg.
example3.jpg shows a building I have never managed to go into. But yesterday me and my group saw another group/clan jumping out of the wall opposite to the buffer-stop. So there has to be a way you can glitch into that building (or maybe every "dead building/room"?).

Maybe the problem is solvable in a way, that every player who managed to glitch in a "dead room" is instantly killed by the server.

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Must be that the only people that don't know about this by now is the development team.

Still an issue in 0.55 stable.

The better reaction devs should have is not to fix the possibility of entering the glitch, but dig a 3m depth hole under the statues with the troll face of Santa so if players glitch into it, they will not die but be stuck and starve to death or call the support to get unstuck and reveal themselves as glitchers.

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just watched a video sobieski made, and it appears the issue is still unresolved...

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