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Instant Death - upstairs jail between bunk/window
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I have been able to reproduce this bug. I discovered it when attempting to access a vest in the Jail at NWAF. Character entered inventory and I tried to see the vest but I received the "You Are Dead" message. No shot heard, but I thought I was sniped until I tried it again at the NEAF jail and it happened again.


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When entering the jail building upstairs room, beside the pair of bunks is a locker and a window looking over the runway. I was able to reproduce this by hitting X to crouch, then opening my inventory tab, then crawling between the window and the bunk. Finally, hit the C button to stand up and then Tab to close the inventory. Then I die. This has killed me twice, unless there is a remote possibility I was sniped twice with no gunshot sound. The second time it broke my legs and then killed me. It could be that standing up under the bunk is what kills you. I also died instantly once on top the school roof.

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I can post a youtube link to the video capture if required. I happened to capture it with OBS.

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I've been through the same issue but in a military structure :
I crounched near a bed at the first floor to get an item placed beneath it, picked up the item, and then I closed the inventory, standed up, seen for like half a second my character floating near the bed. Then I seen the messages "My leg is in pain", broken, blaaablaa and finally I was dead.

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Exactly the same thing happend to me yesterday in a stair on the factory nere the town location (023 011). Was standing with a firend. Opened up the inventory and was pressing ESC to change video settings. Boom you are dead. Ho shoot no Zombi. Me firend was able to recover all my stugg since he was new spawned.

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yesterday on experimental [0.53] my teammate died at the same spot between bed and window.

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Happened Yesterday to me in the Prison on the new Prison Island.

1st floor left side between bed and window.
On the lower bed was a Vest, I couldn't see it in Vicinity, so I pressed X to crouch and I was dead.

No message about hurting or breaking bones, just instant death...

Seems to be reproducible.

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Hi Philly_Dog and thank you for your report.
Sorry about the late reply - in case you still have the video, it would be greatly appreciated if you could attach it - but I understand that you most likely do not have it anymore.
If anyone else would happen to have this recorded, please feel free to upload a video to the FT.
Thank you,

Yep, upper floor room, left side between bed and window is the spot that kills you.

Happened to me 2 times, in both cases at the NWAF, northern military office/jail.

1st time I was trying to grab somthing under the bed. I changed my stance up and down, turning and wiggling around (you know how unresponsive looting can be sometimes). Death while glitching into the bunk bed I supposed at that time.
Tried to get back to my body but didnt make it before restart.

2nd time I was just crouching there, sitting completely still. I took a soda can that was lying on the bed, and when I tried to drink it, I died. Last thing I noticed was the can opening sound, but it never came to the drinking sound.

Ran back to the place and found my dead body not inside the room where I died, but outside the building, just below the window where it happened. Seems like the drinking animation pushed me into the wall, killing me and dropping me out of the building.

The glitch with the broken legs and ruined pants (and shoes) does not only happen in prison buildings. I've had it happen to me in the haylofts (with the stairs) as well and also in other houses. But it always happens on an upper level.

It is not an animation that causes it with me, it happens when I am running too fast. I don't think I ever walked and it happened.

I guess this one is different, it's not a falling out or just a ruined pants and so on. The bug you talk about ColonelBurton brings always a message that your leg is in pain, you think your leg is broken and so on.

On this specific bug, you just die, without any sound or message of damage or hurts. I was never able to look if the pants and shoes were ruined, 'cause it happed only once and I was alone.

i was standing between bed and window about 30 - 40 seconds without problem.
The moment i pressed X to see the vest i instantly died.

I believe I may still have the video. Will attempt to post it this evening. The issue appears to be related to the building model as it happens in all of the two story military jails, not just in one.