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Fireplace wont ignite - windy day
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None one of my 100 matches was working. Even in a house.


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Go on a server and try to craft a fire when its windy.

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Have tried this indoors, and if you are not on the ground level, there seems to be wind problems.... Unable to light fires because of excessive wind.

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Yea had problems with this my self, used over 40 pristine matches on different locations, including indoors, outdoors, on a hill, in a gully, the only common factor was that I was soaking wet at the time. Yet it reported excessive wind, as the cause.

Have you tried adding a rock or two to the seems to keep the wind down for me.

Unless the character being "damp" does play a role in this, the rate of matches blown out by wind is ridiculous.
I, too, tried lighting a fire indoors, in a little shed on ground level.
Wasted around 15 matches until the box was empty.

Had this problem but it was solved by relocating the fire (behind a old stone wall). But maybe it was just the wind ceasing.

Use your ears, listen for the wind. If it sounds windy where you are making the fire it will not light (move it)