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Food won't be consumed and removes consumption options
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Sometimes when you eat food the animation will not play and you won't lose the food but all consumption options (eat, eat all, drink) will just disappear forever.

You have to reconnet to the server to fix the issue.


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Eat food out of your backback - issue appears seemingly at random.

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Same thing happened to me when I tried to drink a soda can. The character puts away whatever is in his hands, then when the consumption animation is supposed to play, it stops. Not able to drink or eat afterwards.

I had consumed both drinks and food in the same session without problems. Reconnect fixed the problem.

Esperaj added a subscriber: Esperaj.May 8 2016, 6:14 PM

I get this bug very frequently. (Reproducibility = 100% of the time- this bug occurs at least once or more every time I play the game.) The animations for consumable items will not play and then the options to drink, eat, and bandage disappear. It also occurs when using objects that are not inside bags. The only way to fix is by exiting the server and logging back in. This can be a game-breaking bug when you are bleeding or close to death. I am also playing on Windows 8.1 .

The cause of this seems to be as follows:

  • Open a can or find a dinkable in vicinity.
  • Drink/Eat/Eat all
  • Change direction of player or fiddle around in the inventory in general. Changing direction seems to be the culprit.


  • Nothing is consumed.
  • No option to consume anything until server switch or re-connect.

Not sure, but this seemes to start happening at the same time the game got invisible sardines... Probably unrelated.

When you try to eat/drink something from outside your inventory while also holding another item in your hands there is a frequent bug where your character puts away the held item but does not pick up the food item.

This can be resolved by manually picking it up again (take XY into hands) in which case your character will immediately start consumption.