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[CRITICAL, NEEDS TO BE FIXED] No stepping sounds on the floors listed below.
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The ground that doesn't have stepping sounds in 0.45 experimental:

And the surface, which had broken sounds while it was raining was a black, concrete road, which goes trough the new town released in 0.45 and some other towns.

You have to run in the middle of the road the audio glitch to happen. I don't have a picture of the road right now.


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When you fix the two audio bugs, please leave this reporting open, so I can report any possible glitched surfaces that don't have sounds.

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I will also add the jails on military bases. Some refer to these as "camo buildings".

When I first experienced this I thought that it was perhaps because I was not wearing shoes, however, this is not the case.

On further thought though it would be very cool if the shoes warn impacted the loudness of your steps (ie: Boots - Loud/clunky Sneakers - medium effects Barefoot - minimal sounds and can cause bleeding after running X hundred/thousand meters).

@smear yeah, those would be pretty cool freatures.

any dev help?

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This is going to be fixed in the next exp patch

@kakan how do you know that? Also when I was in the NE airfield in a prison yesterday, god it was scary, because you couldn't hear the steps of yourself or someone else's.


we have found this problem ourselves and have fixed it internally. Please retest this issue again after the next update and report back in case you find some environments to be problematic.

Thank you!

Alright thank you for fixing this


I tested the new experimental build (0.45) and I noticed that the brown ground doesn't have sounds.

Also when I was running on a concrete road while it was raining, I noticed that the running sounds sometimes stopped and then worked again.


can you please upload screenshots of the affected surfaces?

Thank you!

Yes they are in the description

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I was just running on the pavement on the north east airfield and did not hear any sounds when I was running on the actual runway.

This was no 0.47 experimental.