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Double Wait Timer [Stuck On 'Please Wait']
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This has been happening to me and some people in my group so frequently over the past two weeks or so that I figured it was time to post it.

I'll get the 199 second timer, wait it down and get an infinite wait time of 'Please Wait'.

I have to leave the server, relog into the server and 75% of the time I'll get another random timed timer of anywhere from 30, 60, 90 second wait time. Sometimes I get right in but not very often.

This happens on every difficulty, HC…3PP…EXP…etc.


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Sorry to hear about your trouble. In case you're still experiencing this problem, just send me a pm with your Steam ID url and I'll try to have a look into it. Example: ""

In order to send a private message, you can click the "Make Private" button to the left of your message after you click the button labeled "Add Note".


Hello again Weyland,

On your regular server character, you might be experiencing a derivative of the "Bagception" issue (#1109). I can see that there is at least one small protective case stuffed into another inside your inventory.

If you agree to testing if this is the case, I will kill your regular server character after which, you can try to log on and see if the problem persists. If that resolves the problem, I can revive your character and try to see if there is a way to edit your inventory.

@cheewee: The bagception issue can affect an entire server which might be why you're experiencing the same issue as Weyland.



I've been getting this problem every time I switch servers, even as a fresh spawn with no gear.

Virtually everyone I play with gets the same "Please wait" screen when logging into another server. Sometimes I will have to wait for the 100 second timer but sometimes I will spawn instantly. It seems kind of random at this point.

With the latest patch the serverswitch penality was increased, then some dev reduced it somehow (but with no clientpatch) and since then we have this problem. I believe that the old 0.44 original spawntimer is still intact and counts down in the background, while the max countdown is just superficially set to display a maximum of 99 seconds. The issue is too reliable to be a bug otherwise.

Yesterday me and a friend logged off at about the same time, had to wait 5 minutes or so in total and spawned in the same order we logged off. So that seems to be not a bug, the bug is that it only displays max 99 seconds, when it should display way more.

You can always just wait it out. There is no need to relog the server. Watch the time you spend while stuck in that screen. You will always proceed after 5min or so.

Hello gents,

@Weyland: Killing your regular server character would not affect your hardcore character and I would be able to revive your regular character with full gear afterwards. However, since you already removed the protector cases stacked within each other with no positive effect on the issue, then there will be no point in testing the results of killing your regular character. Thank you very much though for sending in all your feedback.

@Khanarac: Thanks for your input on the subject. I'll try and see if my own actual login times correspond somewhat with the previous system for the server countdown. Same as you, I've experienced a delay when trying to log on to servers even after the timer reaches 0, but I always manage to get in.

Please feel free to follow this issue for further updates.



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Confirmed. I get this issue most of the time when I connect to servers and there is a spawn timer. I get stuck on Please wait... for several minutes, but I always manage to enter the game if I wait long enough.

Hello again everyone,

I have now tried out this issue several times as well, and it does seem like the amount of time one has to wait at the "Please wait" screen increases when switching servers several times. I did however manage to spawn on every server I tried connecting to. The devs have now been made aware of the issue and they'll be working on a fix.

As always, please feel free to follow this issue for further updates.



Omg I actually contributed to something o.O
It is just as I expected, woa :D

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0.48 still the problem. do you have any new information about this?

As soon as there's news on this issue, I'll make sure to post it here.

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For some reason this "Please wait" screen happens to me everytime when I try to join server that has been restared and only on the first try. If I hit esc and disconnect (I can see a brief flash that my char is on the server) and join the same server again I get the normal timer and after that timer reach zero I can spawn normally.

This still occurs. Every time I incur a timer, I get stuck on 'please wait' for a near indefinite amount of time.

Yeah, at the moment there is normally a 60 seconds countdown, after that you very often get please wait (I stopped the time once and its about another minute)

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Still happens 99% of the time even on the newest experimental build. server crashes, you rejoin, get the 69 second timer and after that the please wait screen adds additional 60 to 120 seconds.

Play ten minutes, server crashes again...

still happening in .52