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After killing a player cannot use their weapon/aim down sights.
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I have noticed that the latest 0.44.123800 stable patch has a bug where you kill another player and pick up/swap out their weapon, the weapon can no longer be used. I have recreated this a couple of times and there are a couple of reddit posts talking about it. I can confirm this happening with the M4, Mosin, Shotgun, SKS, crossbow and multiple melee weapons (axe, crowbar, farming hoe, pickaxe).


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have someone else loot a weapon;
  2. Kill/knockout (only ways tested so far) that player
  3. Pick up weapon from player
  4. Try to use it (shoot or aim down sights) / raise stance and attack
Additional Information

If you re-log then the weapon becomes usable.

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I'm surprised this isn't higher up.

A related problem also occurs after killing/ knocking out a player.

Occasionally I'll knock out a geared guy as a fresh spawn and equip their gun but I often can't ADS with it and I can't shoot even though it is loaded and all attachments are invisible.

Also the other players inventory is entirely empty but there are items there.

The only solution to get the weapon to work and the items to appear back in your newly acquired gear is to relog, but this doesn't always work for the items.

Can confirm. In experimental, the player's gun will not fire and you cannot aim down the sights.
Additionally, all attachments on the gun are invisible.
Can be fixed by re-logging. All attachments will appear and be useable.

Also confirming, happened to me and my friend yesterday. He could shoot his 1911 but when he gave it to me nothing happened.

sometimes this could even affects fists. So you endup defenseless complely.

You can drag an item in the bag or place an attachment on the gun, and the items / weapon attachments will appear. You can also spraypaint the weapon and the attachements will appear.

Friend blew himself up at the gas station by accident on experimental last night. When I went to get the longhorn of his body and use it later this happened.

This bug is also present in the current experimental build 0.45

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I tried to reproduce and debug this, but the bug is somewhat slippery.
It does not happen in 1oo% cases, I succeeded to reproduce it only once max twice per day.

I still do not know the exact cause of this, but when the looted weapon (fnx45 in my case) does not fire, it does so because it has no muzzle set. _currentMuzzle is set to -1, but the number of muzzles is 1.
So there are muzzles, but none of them is set as current (by SetCurrentMuzzle or similar mechanism).

I do not see yet how this applies to fire axe for example, as it has no muzzles.

This can also happen to the binoculars. Relogging will allow you to use them properly.

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Still happening in 0.51 STABLE.
It was never fixed.
Only solution is to relog.

Can confirm it is still occurring in.51 stable, just happened last night to a friend of mine

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Can confirm it is still occurring in 0.58 stable.

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This is happening to guns given to other players as well... If I give a weapon to a friend of mine he can't use it until he logs out again- and this is in .57 stable.

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I reported this issue weeks ago