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ACP 45 Laser sight not working even with a battery
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The ACP 45 laser sight attachment does not switch on even after adding a prestine battery


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. get an ACP 45
  2. Get the laser sight and attach to weapon
  3. add a battery to the sight
  4. Now go to inventory and select "turn on" from the menu.

the sight never turns on when aiming through it

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I am having this same issue. Able to turn sight on/off while in inventory, but as soon as I equip it to pistol it remains off no matter what I do. Verified working batteries by testing in the pistol flashlight.

Same also tried battery on flashlight and walkie and it works fine, put on the sight it stays off, turn it on, exit and enter inv its off agian.

We are unable to reproduce the problem. The sights work fine on our end. Please try testing this again after the next game update. It is possible this was fixed internally just after the last patch.

Still not working but will wait untill this weeks update and see.

Ok tested and turns out the sight works until I attach the pistol flashlight, even though both have batteries the sight does not turn on. remove the flashlight and the sight works again. Hope this helps


thanks for the info. This bug is now scheduled for a fix.

Hello everyone,

This issue has already been filed (#10948). It is fixed in the latest internal build, but I'll still have to close this one as a duplicate.